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Creative Solutions to Furniture Problems: Use What’s Available

In a fit of Spring cleaning, never mind what time of year it was, my wife decided to clean out her old cedar chest. When she got the chest emptied she realized that it didn’t smell like cedar anymore. This was not some cheap import chest with a fake aroma. This was solid cedar chest, […]

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The Stick Chair – Introduction to the Windsor

One type of chair that everyone is familiar with is the ever present Windsor chair. But why are there so many of them and what is the basis for America’s love affair with that type chair? The word “Windsor” is usually capitalized in deference to the supposed point of origin of this style chair: the […]

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Three Affordable Mid-century Modern Lounge Chairs and Three You Probably Can’t Afford

OK, do you want the affordable (er, somewhat affordable) lounge chairs first or the astronomical designs with jaw-dropping prices? We’ll do affordable first, starting with an icon of Mid-century design: the 670 lounge chair and 671 ottoman designed by Charles and Ray Eames for Herman Miller. Of course, these chairs can fetch upwards of $5,000 […]

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Stinky Stuff: Get Rid of Old Furniture Smells

One of the nice aspects of collecting older and antique furniture is the link to the past that each piece inevitably represents. If we could only see all the places it had been and meet some of the people who had used/abused it. What historical events has it witnessed? Did it hear the radio report […]

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Ways to Tell between Original Mid-Century Modern Items & Reproductions

Would you like a little insight into what more and more pickers of vintage and Mid-Century modern items are facing on a daily basis? Read on and take notes if you, too, want to venture out and hunt down some Mid-Century modern items in the wild, as this information can be quite useful the next […]

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Whether Called Peer, Pier, Console or Petticoat, it is always a Pier Table

One of America’s most favorite pieces of furniture in the first half of the 19th century was that odd size table that usually sat in the hall and had a mirror in the lower section. What the thing was called is often and confused, as is what its original use. Old timers in the trade […]

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The History of Vacuum Cleaners on the Antiques Auction Forum Podcast

Worthologist Martin Willis discusses an unusual topic, with an entertaining guest, old-school salesman Ken Beach, talking about the history of the vacuum cleaner, recorded at the Home & Garden Show in Costa Mesa, Calif. on this latest edition of the Antiques Auction Forum podcast. Beach has sold vacuum cleaner for more than 49 years in 22 […]

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Bold as Brass: Cleaning Your Antique Brass Furniture Hardware

Most traditional furniture hardware is brass or brass looking, but that covers a multitude of sins. Brass is an alloy of copper and zinc and is a nonferrous (no iron or steel) metal. Brass that is 70-percent copper is known as bright brass or high brass and shines up to be bright yellow. A higher […]

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The Iconic Eames Lounge Chair; Is that One Real or Fake?

The Eames model 670 lounge chair and 671 ottoman are undoubtedly the most recognizable pieces of mid century modern furniture and the most copied. The 670 lounge set was designed by Charles and Ray Eames; the famous husband-and-wife team that literally changed the course of commercial design starting in the early 1940s. The lounge chair […]

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When Seeking Advice on Antique Furniture, it’s Important to Manage Your Experts

In the identification and evaluation of antique furniture, almost everyone needs some help now and then, even the “experts.” No one can know it all, as the field is too vast and too interpretive for any one person to be the ultimate authority. So how do you rule in or out who you might think […]

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