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Getting a ‘Handel’ on a Valuable Lamp & Shade (12/26/08)
Handel ShadeEvery now and again we are asked about items that, at first glance, would be considered to be yard sale … More >>

Great Finds—The Path of the Fauteuils (12/16/08)
In the days before this recession, I was asked to locate a pair of 18th-century fauteuil for a client who … More >>

Antique Beds—What Holds Them Up? (11/30/08)
Modern bed hardware has been unchanged for over 100 years. Antique Beds – What Holds Them Up? By Fred Taylor Beds are of great interest to most people. We spend more time in bed than we do anywhere else, except, maybe at work. So where we spend roughly one-third or our lives should be of great interest. More >>

Clues to Antique Chairs (11/30/08)
A 20th century block that avoids the corner and has a hole in the middle for the screw that secures the seat.Clues to Antique Chairs By Fred Taylor More >>

Horseshoe Plaque Trivets ~ Victorian Good Luck Mementos (11/26/08)
Good Luck My Boy H.P. TrivetCollecting Horseshoe Plaque Trivets is a fascinating hobby! It’s interesting to learn the history, practices and symbols of the different fraternal groups. And then there were the gift trivets … every year I find new examples: Happy Birthday, Happy New Year, Merry Christmas, Home Sweet Home … the list seems endless. Some Facts about Horseshoe Symbolism More >>

Maintaining Mid Century Furniture (11/21/08)
Using a palm sander and high-grit sandpaper allow you to remove “rings” that may mar otherwise presentable furniture.Taking care of and maintaining your Mid Century furniture By Bradley Downs More >>

Automobile Flower Vases (11/21/08)
The autor Automobile Flower Vases By David Bausch The flower vase is both an automobile accessory and an object of auto art. The flower vase added a touch of elegance to a rather dull interior of many of the cars of the 1920’s. More >>

Danish Modern (11/17/08)
Hans Olsen teak dining setDanish Modern or “American” Danish Modern? By Bradley Downs More >>

The George Washington Trivet (11/15/08)
Close-up of the According to Kelly & Ellwood in their 1990 book Trivets & Stands, the first George Washington Trivet was designed and cast in brass for the Philadelphia Centennial Exposition of 1876. George Washington was an appropriate subject, considering that the Exposition was held to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the signing of the Dec More >>

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