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Does Repair Hurt Antique Values? (10/9/08)
Editor’s Note: Questions often arise about repairing antiques. Does that automatically lower the value of the piece? Are there circumstances … More >>

The Future “Antique” (10/2/08)
Photos courtesy of “Man…. That chair sure is ugly!” More >>

Selling Bedroom Suit (10/2/08)
Need To SELL Full Bedroom Suit Good condition late 1800′s early 1900′s More >>

Dating Antiques? Check the Joinery (10/2/08)
Editor’s Note: The age and period of antiques can often be determined by the simplest details. Worthologist Fred Taylor examines … More >>

Antiques and Collectibles News from Paris, Nashville, Smallville (9/17/08)
Isn’t it grand when the antiques and collectibles news goes from Paris, Nashville, Smallville and Krypton? More >>

Late Classicism Antiques: Not Empire (9/11/08)
There is a style of American furniture antiques that is consistently scorned by the upper crust of collectors and academics. Yet to its followers, the style is among the most innovative in history. It has retained enough popularity through the years that it has been constantly reproduced in almost every succeeding period of American furniture history. More >>

Understanding Antiques—The Arts and Crafts Movement Pt. II (9/4/08)
Editor’s Note: This is the second of two parts on the Arts and Crafts Movement and its antiques and collectibles by Fred Taylor, our American Furniture Worthologist. The Implemenatation More >>

Collecting clocks? Join the club! (9/3/08)
Learn how to repair clcoks and watchesIf you like old clocks, are curious or just like to fix intricate mechanisms, have a look around at More >>

Brimfield Antiques & Collectibles: Furniture Finds (8/31/08)
WorthPoint’s CEO and founder, Will Seippel, has been a collector most of his life. He put himself through college buying and selling antiques, and there are few things he enjoys more than walking the fields at Brimfield hunting and gathering collectibles and antiques. Videographer: Scott J. Shactman Editor: Sharon Levy More >>

Antique Seating: What Are You Sitting On? (8/29/08)
Antiques very often have seating material that is—well you know— that woven stuff that comes in old chair seats. It’s … More >>

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