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Party On with Inaugural Collectibles (1/20/09)
Obama cuff linksIn the mood to party, but it’s too late for New Year’s Eve? Too early for the Super Bowl? How … More >>

Sell Abroad or Stay Home? (1/19/09)
Are foreign markets better for selling antiques than American markets? Collecting has gone global, thanks to the Internet. As a result, … More >>

Learn, Then Buy What Calls You (1/13/09)
I just attended a major antiques-and-collectibles show and saw some really gorgeous stuff. I had money, wanted to buy something … More >>

Highboys and Weathervanes Most Likely to Weather the Stormy Economy (1/3/09)
For those of you who faithfully read this column, you know that my first column of the New Year is … More >>

Has the Glass Bubble Burst? (12/19/08)
Sachems BottleWhile not exactly Indiana Jones pursuing the ark of the covenant, Bill Lindsey—Worthpoint’s expert on antique and collectibles bottles—managed to … More >>

Best in the West Bottles (12/16/08)
Bottle shows strongly emphasize old or historic bottles, though always have an assortment of other collectibles ranging from glass insulators, to coins and trade tokens, bottle related items (e.g., shot glasses, advertising signs, trade cards).Every year for the past 30 years, the 49er Bottle & Antique Show has been held at the Gold Country … More >>

Collecting—A Special Memory (12/16/08)
Pink Cherry Blossom Butter DishCOLLECTING  -  A SPECIAL MEMORY My obsession with glass began at the age of 16 with a pink Cherry Blossom Cup … More >>

Depression vs. Elegant Glass (11/30/08)
Candlewick Muddler, Imperial Glass, 1943-55Depression Glass vs. Elegant Glass: What’s The Difference? By Linda Carannante One big misnomer that I often hear is the assumption that all Pink and Green Glassware is Depression Glass. This isn’t always the case, and the pieces in question may very well be Elegant Glass. So what is the difference and where did these names come from? More >>

Antique Furniture Glass – Is It Original? (11/4/08)
Roller–Roller glass can be identified by the parallel lines of distortion seen in this photo of a car through a window made in the 1920s. Antique Furniture Glass – Is It Original? By Fred Taylor More >>

old glass bottle (11/1/08)
Bottle found next to a Civil War burial monument over run with growth and weeds. Clear glass bottle is 8″ tall, lower half is hexagonal in shape. Bottom of bottle is round and 2″ in diameter. Top of the bottle is 1″ in diameter. A letter F on the bottom of the bottle. The numbers 435 across the bottom edge of the bottle. The Civil War captain buried there died in 1885. More >>

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