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Antique Furniture Glass – Is It Original? (11/4/08)
Roller–Roller glass can be identified by the parallel lines of distortion seen in this photo of a car through a window made in the 1920s. Antique Furniture Glass – Is It Original? By Fred Taylor More >>

old glass bottle (11/1/08)
Bottle found next to a Civil War burial monument over run with growth and weeds. Clear glass bottle is 8″ tall, lower half is hexagonal in shape. Bottom of bottle is round and 2″ in diameter. Top of the bottle is 1″ in diameter. A letter F on the bottom of the bottle. The numbers 435 across the bottom edge of the bottle. The Civil War captain buried there died in 1885. More >>

Pilchuck Glass in Online Auction (10/28/08)
Editor’s Note: You won’t have to leave the comforts of home to buy extraordinary glass collectibles. Just bid online at the Pilchuck Glass School auction. More >>

Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Pontil Scars (But Were Afraid To Ask)? (9/29/08)
Blowpipe or One of the easier to identify and most consistently accurate indicators that a bottle was manufactured during or prior to the American Civil War (i.e., the 1860s or before) is the pontil scar present on the base. More >>

I will wait (9/26/08)
antique perfume containerI will join (pay) when someone will help me. Someone from no where. I would like to learn, but have alot to deal with. I just want one person to tell me about my perfume bottle. Without a hassell More >>

Consolidated Glass – The Deco Years (1925-1931) (9/15/08)
During the first decade of the 20th century, Consolidated Lamp and Glass Company continued to enjoy the sweet success of an established business with quality products. More >>

Depression Glass Collectibles: Happy Days Here Again (9/15/08)
Fortunes crashed and incomes shot down to the bare negligible during the Great Depression of 1929-1939. Nobody that lived through those dark, turbulent years will remember them with a “Wish You Were Back” fondness, but the mention of Depression glass collectibles might just bring on a smile. More >>

Glass Mysteries (9/15/08)
Unknown maker Italian LabelIt can be difficult to identify unknown art glass. I’ve studied 20th Century glass for a very long time, and have learned how to spot the clues that point in the direction of identification, but it doesn’t always end well. Often, after months of research in my library and on the web, after following every clue I could squeeze out the object, I end up more confused then when I began. More >>

The Timeless Art of Venetian Glass (9/14/08)
At the start of 13th century, the city of Venice was the known world’s major hub of glassmaking. Its glassmaking secrets had been refined throughout time as a result of commerce with the Islamic territories of Levant and North Africa. By the late 13th century, glassmakers on the group of islands off the coast of Venice, called Murano, had perfected the art with brilliant methods and recipes. More >>

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