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The Collector’s Minute: Grandpa’s Gold Watch (8/24/10)
pocketwatch One item an appraiser runs into most often is that icon “Grandpa’s gold watch,” and depending how well-heeled Grandpa … More >>

Becoming a Collector of Vintage Bakelite Jewelry (8/2/10)
Bakelite Bangle 1 Once you have decided you want to start collecting vintage Bakelite jewelry, you need to get started somewhere. And … More >>

A Rack Lever Fusee Civil War Watch with a Story (5/3/10)
This medium quality English fusee pair case “contract watch” was made in Liverpool, England and shipped to Philadelphia, Pa., where it was finished by B&E Clark. It was later sold to Thomas E. Eisenbeis around 1835 and later carried by Henry Eisenbeis during his service in the Civil War.This is a medium quality English fusee pair case “contract watch” carried by a Union soldier during the Civil War. … More >>

Watch & Clock Collectors Descend on Grand Rapids for the ‘National’ (7/26/09)
A collection of clocks on sale at the National Watch & Clock Collectors AssociationThis year the National Watch & Clock Collectors Association (NAWCC) had its annual event/show at the prestigious Devos Convention Center, … More >>

Any Way You Look At It, the Fiery Opal Is Certainly a Thing of Beauty (7/13/09)
This large and spectacular vintage opal ring is finely crafted in solid 14K yellow gold. The center opal measures 7mm x 5mm, and surrounding gems are 6mm x 4mm each. The total weight for these colorful gems is about 2.71 carats.If you were born in the month of October, then in all probability you know that your birthstone is Opal. … More >>

‘On the Ball’—Webb C. Ball’s Contribution to Railroad Watches and Timekeeping (6/30/09)
A Ball Watch Co.-certified railraod watch.Webb C. Ball was born in Fredericktown, Ohio on Oct. 6, 1847 and became a jeweler & watchmaker. When Standard … More >>

How Much Does the Previous Owner Impact the Value of an Antique or Collectible? (6/8/09)
A Tiffany’s silver ladies tape measure sells for about $225. But the one owned by Jackie Onassis brought close to $50,000. The difference, or course, is the fact that she owned that particular item, making it much more valuable than any other of its kind.With appraisal work, no one aspect affects value in the short term more for an antique or collectible than an … More >>

Cincinnati Watch & Clock Show Offers Bargains for the Patient (5/11/09)
The crowd at the recent National Association of Watch and Clock Collectors (NAWCC) Watch & Clock Regional Show in Fort Mitchell, Ky., just outside of CincinnatiThe annual National Association of Watch and Clock Collectors (NAWCC) Watch & Clock Regional Show was recently held at the … More >>

Longines’ World War Two Pilot’s Wristwatch (5/4/09)
This Longines World War Two PilotThis Longines’ World War Two Pilot’s Wristwatch, with a Wheem’s aircraft navigational calculation bezel, is an early and quite rare … More >>

Valuable Items That Slip Through the Cracks (3/17/09)
This is a nice vintage double blade pocket knife marked "IMPERIAL PROV. RI U.S.A." on the 2.2" long blade, with a crown above the mark, the other blades are 1.25" long.When it’s time to liquidate a family estate what are the first things we think of as having value. The … More >>

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