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Longines’ World War Two Pilot’s Wristwatch (5/4/09)
This Longines World War Two PilotThis Longines’ World War Two Pilot’s Wristwatch, with a Wheem’s aircraft navigational calculation bezel, is an early and quite rare … More >>

Valuable Items That Slip Through the Cracks (3/17/09)
This is a nice vintage double blade pocket knife marked "IMPERIAL PROV. RI U.S.A." on the 2.2" long blade, with a crown above the mark, the other blades are 1.25" long.When it’s time to liquidate a family estate what are the first things we think of as having value. The … More >>

Secret Message Found Etched in Lincoln’s Watch (3/12/09)
Lincoln purchased this English Fusee Lever, key wind, circa1850, housed in an engraved 18K hunter case in Springfield, Ill., and was one of the few possessions he brought with him to Washington.        I came across this article today, which was posted by the Associated Press yesterday. Since it is about Abraham Lincoln’s … More >>

A Short History of the Wristwatch (3/11/09)
Early single hand ring watch, circa 1615.The first fully portable timepieces began to appear in the early 1500s, but they were so inaccurate, they only needed … More >>

Top Obama Inaugural Collectibles (1/9/09)
New York Post day after electionSuperstar Will Smith got teary. Ellen Malcolm, founder of Emily’s List called it “a proud moment in our nation’s history.” Great Britain’s … More >>

Early 20th Century Prestige Watches (12/29/08)
The early 20th century saw fierce competition among American watch companies. Every watch company in the country produced a “top … More >>

Boston Watch Co. Dennison Howard and Davis (12/19/08)
The early watch manufacturers didn’t do things consistently or exactly in series. The Boston Watch Company—the granddaddy of all American … More >>

Vintage Watches: Art Meets Technology (12/15/08)
A Coca-Cola vending machine on the fritz, a misfiring auto engine and an 18th-century pocket watch in need of restoration … More >>

HAMILTON 500 BThe Hamilton Watch Company came into existence in 1892. The name Hamilton was selected to honor Andrew Hamilton, original owner of the site of Lancaster. Hamilton was granted the land by William Penn’s heirs and is credited with founding the city of Lancaster with his son James. More >>

Jacob Custer Watchmaker, Norristown, Pa. (11/17/08)
Photo courtesy of Jon Hansen Jacob D. Custer (1805-1872) is an important name in American horology, he is best known for his clocks which he made in Norristown, Pa. beginning in the early 1830s. More >>

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