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Cincinnati Silver Tableware Still Shines 200 Years Later (11/16/10)
twist-handle coin silver forks When Cincinnati’s first settlers arrived in 1788, they dreamed of establishing a trade center along the water highway of … More >>

The Collector’s Minute: Firebacks (6/21/10)
A Colebrookdale fireback, circa 1763. An18th-century originals can sell for more than $3,500. In Colonial times, homes were heated by fire in stone or brick fireplaces. Normally, a great deal of heat … More >>

Sheffield and Silver Plate: What to Look For (7/14/09)
Elegant Opaline glass & silverplated butter keeper, circa 1870, in Classical Taste by Joseph Rogers of Sheffield, England. The social background for the discovery of the methods of plating on copper used in the Sheffield process is quite … More >>

Pseudo Silver Hallmarks and What They Really Mean (2/13/09)
A genuine English HallmarkOne thing that confuses novice collectors more than anything else is “silverware,” a term that one would think implied the … More >>

Archibald Knox Tudric muffin dish (10/14/08)
Tudric muffin dish by Archibald Knox, valued between $400 and $600. Archibald Knox Tudric muffin dish By Sherri Hall-Wilcox More >>

Certified Early Gold (1795-1834) and Why They Are Scarce, Part I (10/10/08)
Large Date Large 5 $5 Gold Piece in Mint State 62, Certified by NGC and CAC.Certified Early Gold (1795-1834) and Why They Are Scarce, Part I By Silvano DiGenova Methodology of This Study More >>

Certified Early Gold: 1795-1834 (10/7/08)
Certified Early Gold: 1795-1834 by Silvano DiGenova Methodology of This Study More >>

Sterling Silver Spoon (10/5/08)
I have a sterlingsilver serving spoon pat.1889. It has a mark between the sterling and pat.1889. How do I find how much this is worth? Or can someone give me an educated guess on how much it could be worth More >>

Trivets of Cast Metal (10/4/08)
What is the difference between Cast Iron and Wrought Iron? Cast iron objects are created from molten metal that has been poured into a mold and allowed to harden. In contrast, wrought iron items are individually created by bending pieces of hot, malleable iron. More >>

Early $10 Gold: 1795-1804 (10/3/08)
Population TableEarly $10 Gold 1795-1804 by Silvano DiGenova More >>

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