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Archibald Knox Tudric muffin dish (10/14/08)
Tudric muffin dish by Archibald Knox, valued between $400 and $600. Archibald Knox Tudric muffin dish By Sherri Hall-Wilcox More >>

Certified Early Gold (1795-1834) and Why They Are Scarce, Part I (10/10/08)
Large Date Large 5 $5 Gold Piece in Mint State 62, Certified by NGC and CAC.Certified Early Gold (1795-1834) and Why They Are Scarce, Part I By Silvano DiGenova Methodology of This Study More >>

Certified Early Gold: 1795-1834 (10/7/08)
Certified Early Gold: 1795-1834 by Silvano DiGenova Methodology of This Study More >>

Sterling Silver Spoon (10/5/08)
I have a sterlingsilver serving spoon pat.1889. It has a mark between the sterling and pat.1889. How do I find how much this is worth? Or can someone give me an educated guess on how much it could be worth More >>

Trivets of Cast Metal (10/4/08)
What is the difference between Cast Iron and Wrought Iron? Cast iron objects are created from molten metal that has been poured into a mold and allowed to harden. In contrast, wrought iron items are individually created by bending pieces of hot, malleable iron. More >>

Early $10 Gold: 1795-1804 (10/3/08)
Population TableEarly $10 Gold 1795-1804 by Silvano DiGenova More >>

Dating Mexican Silver (10/1/08)
A Sterling Silver Bracelet & Earrings Set with Obsidian & Onyx stones, some in the form of Aztec faces, marked with simple pre-1940s Mexico’s tradition of magnificent silverwork dates as far back as the 1530s. Mexico has abundant deposits of precious metals, so it was natural that a thriving jewelry and hollowware market would evolve there. But establishing authenticity, purity and age – especially for vintage and antique pieces – can be challenging. More >>

Sterling & Silver-Plated Antiques (10/1/08)
Electro-Plated Nickel-Silver (EPNS) Flatware - Georg Jensen ca 1930sIn general, the term Sterling Silver is meant to distinguish items that are composed of mostly solid silver as opposed to Silver-Plated that have only a thin surface layer of silver. However, there are several other distinctions, some using terms that can be confusing and often lead to a misunderstanding of an item’s composition and hence its value. More >>

Gold Leaf on Fine China and Glassware–A Rare Find (9/9/08)
The art of gold leafing dates back to the times of the Pharaohs. Gold leafing is a process in which artisans hammer gold until it has achieved thin layers. The layers are then applied over the item to give it the look of solid gold. More >>

wmf – Ikora bowl silver (7/28/08)
Can any one tell me if a silver WMF-IKORA SILVER oval shapped bowl tag # 3210, Could this have any value. It was a wedding gift for my grandmas wedding around the 1940′s. More >>

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