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German Winter Help/Winterhilfswerk Offers Dozens of Collectible Categories (12/21/12)
WHWlabelJMost of the German people suffered heavily after the Frist World War, especially in the large cities, due to the … More >>

U.S. Navy Miniature Models (7/27/09)
The tag on the case reads: “mfg by South Salem Studios, South Salem, N.Y.”QUESTION: I own a case of miniature models labeled “U.S. Navy Miniature Models, USN Bureau of Aeronautics, Special Services Division.”  … More >>

Hearing the Veteran’s Story (11/29/07)
The Veteran in 1918I just read an article stating there are only three living WWI vets left. It seems like they all faded away without receiving the recognition they deserved. I’ve only met one WWI vet in my life. He was my great uncle Benny. Benny served with the 88th Division and told me that he survived the war but nearly died on the troop ship coming home because of a serious flu outbreak. More >>

WWII German Wehrpass For An Africa Corps Panzer Grenadier (7/26/07)
I’ve had this German Wehrpass for awhile. The soldier’s name was Heinrif Esser and his last unit entry is “7./Pz. Gren. Rgt. 361″ or 7th Company of the Panzer Grenadier Regiment 361. This unit was under the famous 90th Light Africa Division (March 1942-May 1943) that was captured at the battle of Tunis. More >>

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