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Collectors Snap to Attention for Historic Field Drums

Church-bells ringing on Sunday morning are a familiar sound in communities all over America. There was a time, though, that the faithful were called to worship by the sound of drums. Thomas L. Purvis notes in his book “Colonial America to 1763” that the Pilgrims at Plymouth Colony built a platform atop their meeting house […]

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Imperial Russian Garde Du Corps Officer’s Helmet Hammers for $17,050 At Mohawk

BOUCKVILLE, N.Y. – An Imperial Russian Garde du Corps officer’s helmet, made circa 1900-1917 and in overall excellent condition, with a gilt finish skull and an upswept lobster tail, sold for $17,050 at Mohawk Arms’ Auction #70. The helmet was the top achiever of the more than 1,500 lots of militaria and weaponry that came […]

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Auction Report: Gettysburg Cannon Tops Dancy-Polk House Auction

DECATUR, Ala. — An authentic Civil War cannon, fired by Union troops at the Battle of Gettysburg, dated 1855 and complete with documented provenance, sold for $86,250 at an on-site sale of the contents of the Dancy-Polk House Inn on Oct. 12. The Dancy-Polk House Inn, constructed in 1829, is one of only four buildings […]

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Battle of Gettysburg Cannon, Drum Part of On-Site Dancy-Polk House Inn Auction

DECATUR, Ala. – A battlefield cannon and drum from the Battle of Gettysburg, plus other Civil War items, will be sold alongside antiques from the historic Dancy-Polk House Inn in an on-site auction slated for Saturday, Oct. 12, starting at 9 a.m. (CST). The Dancy-Polk House Inn, constructed in 1829, is one of only four […]

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Auction Report: World War I Squadron Insignia, Archive Take Top-Lot Honors

BOUCKVILLE, N.Y. — A World War I squadron insignia and archive pertaining to American pilot Lt. Paul Green took the top lot with a winning bid of $13,200 at a live and Internet auction held June 8 and 9 held by Mohawk Arms. Lt. Green was assigned to the French Escardille 131, Bomber Group 4. […]

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Riding High: Museum-Quality Collection of U.S. Military Saddles Come to Auction

If you’ve ever ridden a horse, chances are you used a saddle. But unless you’re an experienced horesman or a saddle aficionado, you probably haven’t given much thought to what you were sitting on. What are saddles really, besides something that keeps you from falling off a horse? What are they made of, why are […]

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The Collector’s Minute: Leather Buckets

Before the invention of steam-powered water pumps, fires were put out by water thrown by “bucket chains.” In these chains, men passed full leather buckets, some which held three gallons, from one to the other and on to the fire. The empty buckets were passed to women and children to be refilled from a well, […]

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Unloved Antiques: Reproduction Victorian-Era Spyglasses

The next item in this series of Unloved Antiques is something that causes big problems in the antique and collectibles market: reproduction scientific instruments; the biggest culprits being optical devices like telescopes, binoculars, desktop magnifiers and periscopes. Before the 1970s, the chances of running into reproductions of this type were slim because the high cost […]

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Early Americans Knew How to Tote Their Own Horns

  So much of what is created merely out of necessity becomes collectible for its ornate beauty. Early settlers needed a waterproof container for the gunpowder required by their flintlock rifles. Initially, they used metal powder containers but many soon turned to the cheaper and often more easily accessible powder horn. Early American powder horns […]

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