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Auction Report: Gettysburg Cannon Tops Dancy-Polk House Auction (11/8/13)
Civil War cannonDECATUR, Ala. — An authentic Civil War cannon, fired by Union troops at the Battle of Gettysburg, dated 1855 and … More >>

Battle of Gettysburg Cannon, Drum Part of On-Site Dancy-Polk House Inn Auction (10/9/13)
Gettysburg cannonDECATUR, Ala. – A battlefield cannon and drum from the Battle of Gettysburg, plus other Civil War items, will be … More >>

The Collector’s Minute: Civil War Regulation 1860 Naval Cutlass (4/5/10)
An enlisted seaman’s U.S. Navy Regulation 1860 Naval cutlass was the work-horse weapons of the Navy since before the Civil War. Examples with its original riveted leather scabbards often sell for less than $1,500.One of the work-horse weapons of the U.S. Navy since before the Civil War was the Regulation 1860 Naval cutlass. … More >>

Man killed by Civil War artillery shell (11/10/08)
By MARK BOWES TIMES-DISPATCH STAFF WRITER The artillery shell that exploded Monday and killed a Civil War relics dealer outside his Chesterfield County home was a cannonball about 8 to 10 inches in diameter, a federal official said yesterday. More >>