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Militaria from Across Conflicts and Generations Offered at Mohawk Arms Sale (11/8/12)
SBOUCKVILLE, N.Y. – Hundreds of military items from multiple wars and generations will be offered Nov. 16-17 by Mohawk Arms … More >>

Collecting U.S. Army Uniforms from the Korea Conflict, ‘The Forgotten War’ (11/5/12)
IMG_1030They call it “the forgotten war”, but in the strictest sense, it wasn’t a war at all. More than 36,000 … More >>

Some Uniform Guidelines to Starting a U.S. Military Uniform Collection (9/24/12)
IMG_0975We recently received a large shipment of consignment items from one of our German customers. Among the items of note … More >>

Entry-Level Civil War Collectibles: They’re Out There if You Know What to Look For (8/27/12)
Forage capThere used to exist in the collecting industry a phenomenon known as the Golden Age. That is, a period of … More >>

Sharpening a Collector’s Passion for Japanese Swords (7/13/12)
KuniyoshiAre you a collector or are you in an accumulating phase? I interviewed Fred Weissberg about his collection of antique … More >>

Selling Uncle Fred’s Militaria Collection—A How-To Guide (7/4/12)
IMG_0869Chances are you or someone you know will have an opportunity to sell a military collectible at some time in … More >>

Razor-Sharp and Designed for War—Traditional Japanese Swords (5/30/12)
woodblock print featuring 2 samuraiJapanese swords are fearsome weapons. In a day and age when firepower is the norm, it is startling to be … More >>

Ask A Worthologist Question: French Fire Fighter’s Helmet (3/6/12)
firehelmetDylan B. purchased this helmet at an estate sale for $150. It was the only usual thing in the entire … More >>

Antiques Auction Forum: Ron Burkey on Hot Militaria Trends (12/12/11)
ron burkeyThis week Martin visits with knowledgeable dealer/collector Ron Burkey in Portsmouth, N.H. They discuss militaria trends, what is hot and … More >>

Early Americans Knew How to Tote Their Own Horns (7/25/11)
Tim Tansel Engraved Powder Horn  So much of what is created merely out of necessity becomes collectible for its ornate beauty. Early settlers needed a … More >>

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