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Spiked Helmets Worn for Military Fashion not Function (11/2/10)
Prussian Garde Du Corps Officer  The early Imperial German Empire took much pride in fashionable uniforms and headgear for its military, often choosing ornamental gear … More >>

Military Headdresses: The Ultimate Fashion Statement (7/18/10)
REVOLUTIONARY WAR ERA TRICORN HATWhile new trends in fashion can provide something to talk about, depending exactly on the statement new fashion is trying … More >>

The Collector’s Minute: Civil War Regulation 1860 Naval Cutlass (4/5/10)
An enlisted seaman’s U.S. Navy Regulation 1860 Naval cutlass was the work-horse weapons of the Navy since before the Civil War. Examples with its original riveted leather scabbards often sell for less than $1,500.One of the work-horse weapons of the U.S. Navy since before the Civil War was the Regulation 1860 Naval cutlass. … More >>

U.S. Navy Miniature Models (7/27/09)
The tag on the case reads: “mfg by South Salem Studios, South Salem, N.Y.”QUESTION: I own a case of miniature models labeled “U.S. Navy Miniature Models, USN Bureau of Aeronautics, Special Services Division.”  … More >>

Seven Tips for Collecting Militaria (5/4/09)
Make sure you utilize the inspection period. Items, such as this WW II face mask for a rocket launcher is very fragile and stiff from sitting in its original box for 60 plus years, and is being sold as-is. If you are not 100-percent confident about the item offered… walk away.1. Invest in Reference Books Collecting militaria can be a minefield (pun intended), filled with misrepresented items and down right fakes. … More >>

Collecting Historical American Flags (1/30/09)
By Tom Carrier WorthPoint Worthologist EDITOR’S NOTE: Brimfield, Mass., is a small New England town with a population of about 5,000 or … More >>

Remembering Pearl Harbor with Collectibles (11/17/08)
For militaria collectors, Pearl Harbor memorabilia is particularly precious. Whether it’s newspaper clippings saved from the day that will “live in infamy” or uniforms worn by the brave sailors stationed at the Hawaiian base, Pearl Harbor collectibles have a significance that is difficult to overstate. More >>

Man killed by Civil War artillery shell (11/10/08)
By MARK BOWES TIMES-DISPATCH STAFF WRITER The artillery shell that exploded Monday and killed a Civil War relics dealer outside his Chesterfield County home was a cannonball about 8 to 10 inches in diameter, a federal official said yesterday. More >>

Flags: collectibles that are keys to art and politics (9/28/08)
When seven-year-old Tom Carrier watched the 1963 televised funeral of the assassinated President John Fitzgerald Kennedy what caught young Carrier’s eye was not the black-draped caisson or the rider-less horse, boots inserted backwards in the stirrups, or the color guard – it was the solider marching behind the coffin with the Presidential flag. More >>

The Birth of a Collector (9/4/08)
MikeI was talking with my friend Mike Bockman, a militaria dealer and owner of, when we got on the subject of the Niobrara River that runs across the Northern part of Nebraska. I had canoed this river several times in Boy Scouts and Mike had canoed it with his family when he was young. More >>

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