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’Tis the season (12/16/08)
Christmas CardAhh, the wonderful holiday season. Good cheer. Good parties. Mistletoe. Eggnog. Also the time to reach out and say hi … More >>

Not all WWII Visor Caps are “Crushers” (12/12/08)
b46a0c2a0d6dcbe7118212e68e1022dc_0_tn1There is rampant misuse of the term “crusher cap” in reference to US visor caps in the WWII militaria collecting … More >>

MACV-SOG 1-0 Jacket: A Symbol For Vietnam’s Elite Among The Elite (12/12/08)
Until recently, little was known or published about MACV-SOG, an elite US Special Forces reconnaissance unit in Vietnam. SOG was … More >>

Hand-Tinted Photography: by Erin C. Kruml (12/12/08)
Wallace NuttingHand-Tinted Photography: by Erin C. Kruml Demand for hand tinted photographs skyrocketed in the 1970s, 1980s and 1990s, increasing steadily into … More >>

Sarreguemines Pottery (12/12/08)
c7b18a157036bf22bce62e201c4ea92dSarreguemines Vaisselle was established in 1748 in the city of Sarreguemines in the Northeast of France. This region was chosen … More >>

Hutshenreuther Cabinet Plates (12/12/08)
ae20297f44df79c34803378b81b955d6This portrait plate is a late 19th Century piece by Hutshenreuther. Like many German porcelain makers of this period they … More >>

Discover The Mark Others Miss on Valuable Pottery and Art Glass (11/19/08)
a425f4ef5e152a00b0981370d47ed2c7If you can’t see a mark on a piece of fine pottery or art glass, that doesn’t mean it isn’t … More >>

When Should I Restore an Antique or Fine Art Painting? (9/24/08)
7c3b2063f6395f9eb7303740751e7054When you’re considering buying an item or a painting that needs repair, as an antique dealer, you might ask yourself … More >>

Collecting Kentucky Derby (4/30/08)
Early Kentucky Derby 1950 It is billed as the most exciting two minutes in sports. And it is for 3-year olds only. We’re talking about the ultimate horse race known as the Kentucky Derby. More >>

Learning About and Spotting Value in Antique Bottles (3/4/08)
antique_bottlesAs a child in Kentucky, I remember collectors would often go to the old buildings around town to dig for … More >>