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What Are My Cards Worth: The ‘Junk Wax Era’ of 1985-1995 (11/19/12)
1985 Topps Mark McGwireAs vintage sports cards (pre-1970) gained in popularity and value during the early 1980s, the hobby of sports card collecting … More >>

Sports Card Collecting 101: To Grade or Not to Grade (10/30/12)
1954 Topps Hank Aaron Rookie $2,000 July-2012The process of card grading entails submitting one’s cards to a third party authenticator, where the cards are examined by … More >>

Collecting Baseball Cards: 1948 Bowman Baseball Card Set (12/16/08)
Bowman 1948 Stan Musial CardFor the baseball card industry, 1948 is considered the start of the modern or post-war era of baseball card collecting. … More >>

Third-Party Sports Card Grading and Its Effect on Value (10/6/08)
The grading of sports cards has become a widely accepted method for verifying a card’s condition and authenticity. Grading was first introduced to the hobby in 1991 by Professional Sports Authenticator (PSA) of Newport Beach, Calif. PSA is a company spun off from Professional Coin Grading Service. More >>

Collecting High-Valued Baseball Cards (9/9/08)
While prices for the basic living necessities keep rising faster, the market for high end baseball cards seem to be growing more and more. Unlike when times were tough back in the early 1980’s when high end sports cards prices were at their lowest, this time around the baseball card market is just the opposite. Then and Now More >>

My Introduction to Worthpoint and Worthpoint’s Intro to Me! (9/8/08)
Just listened to Auctionwally’s interview with Worthpoint’s Will Seippel. I really enjoyed it, especially when Will talked about baseball cards and his ’52 Topps set, as baseball cards are my root to collecting. More >>

Honus Wagner Reached Baseball’s Peak, His Collectibles Card Soars Even Higher (7/20/08)
I don’t know how I have maintained a baseball-card blog for the last few months without talking about what is largely considered to be the Holy Grail of antique-card collecting—the T206 Honus Wagner card. It is one of the rarest baseball cards in history, and it depicts one of the greatest players of the dead-ball era. More >>

Baseball Collectibles—Relic Cards Carry History (7/8/08)
The baseball-card collectibles market has undergone major changes in recent years. The ups and downs of the market have made it difficult for some collectors to make wise investments. While some cards may not be worth as much as they used to be, many card companies are doing their part to provide some valuable collectibles in their sets. One highly coveted card is the relic card. More >>

Bratner How to Trade (6/29/08)
With the spring season coming to an end, there is no better time to do some cleaning of your baseball-card collection. Admit it, you have a few cards that you don’t like, don’t want and don’t need. Remember, the best collections are the ones that are focused and organized so the occasional spring-cleaning is necessary for the appearance of your set. More >>

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