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Communing with Outdoorsman Horace Kephart through a Knife of his Design (11/14/12)
map-knifeI didn’t need another knife. I have some great ones—handmade and factory forged—that have served me well from the Rocky … More >>

McDonald Pioneer Blade & Tomahawk Earn ‘Knife of the Year’ Honors (10/30/12)
Knife of the YearThe image of our earliest “American sportsman” is unmistakable: Clad in buckskin, Kentucky rifle in the crook of his arm, … More >>

The Yentzen Double-Reed Duck Call is ‘the Call that Started it All’ (10/23/12)
sureshotThe year is 2011. The phone rings in an old building in Groves, Texas, where a legendary business is nearly … More >>

Rebuilding a 1903 Jeffery Farquharson Rifle from a Cigar Box full of Parts (10/12/12)
farquharson2It was September of 2005 when Sid Johnson went to the Selous reserve in Tanzania for Cape buffalo and other … More >>

Gus Wilson and One of His 100-Year-Old Decoys (11/11/10)
blogmaine8 Recently I received a call from a woman who had a decoy she wanted more information on. A local … More >>

Delaware River Decoys Differ from Their Coastal Brethren (11/23/09)
This John Blair, Jr. pintail that sold for $47,500 at Guyette and Schmidt’s July auction 2009. This price was achieved due to its very good condition plus very desirable provenance. The decoy was acquired from the Blair family in the 1980s. Photo courtesy of Guyette and Schmidt.I recently wrote about the New Jersey decoys in general and of the coastal bays in particular (Hollow, Light-Weight Decoys … More >>

Hollow, Light-Weight Decoys Valued on the Jersey Coast and Delaware Valley (10/26/09)
Notice the area of attachment of the head to the body on this female Scaup by H.V. Shourds. The horizontal line where the two body halves are joined is obvious.The distinctive style of coastal New Jersey decoys was shaped by the method of hunting used in the area. The … More >>

Display and Care of Your Decoy Collection (5/4/09)
These decoys are mounted on the wall using hand forged iron L brackets. The decoy on the left is a Mitchell Black Duck and the black and white decoy is an Eider from Maine. Also on the cypress board and batten wall is a Chelsea clock and barometer with a pewter collection on the shelf above.Decoys were subjected to extremes of temperature and weather conditions in their working life. In your collection, keeping them away … More >>

Decoys: What Should I Collect and How Much Should I Pay? (12/29/08)
This Pintail drake decoy by an unknown maker realized $125,000.00 at Guyette and Schmidt auction this November. (Photo courtesy of Guyette and Schmidt)When asked “What should I collect?” the answer every dealer and collector will give is: “Collect what you like.” In … More >>

Is this Decoy Real? (11/17/08)
This decoy was painted with large blocks of color instead of detail.How Can You Tell If Decoys Are Real? By Laura Collum People who come in my shop look at all the decoys and often ask, “How can you tell if they are real?” Apart from the metaphysical question, what people mean by that is “are they old and were they really used as duck hunting decoys?” More >>

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