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The Yentzen Double-Reed Duck Call is ‘the Call that Started it All’ (10/23/12)
sureshotThe year is 2011. The phone rings in an old building in Groves, Texas, where a legendary business is nearly … More >>

Rebuilding a 1903 Jeffery Farquharson Rifle from a Cigar Box full of Parts (10/12/12)
farquharson2It was September of 2005 when Sid Johnson went to the Selous reserve in Tanzania for Cape buffalo and other … More >>

From Commodity to Collectible: Autographed Mini Football Helmets (10/5/12)
John Elway MiniOften times the most enjoyable collectible is the one you create yourself. Not in the sense of fabricating one but … More >>

Rare Royalty: Collecting Major League Baseball’s Triple Crown Winners (10/1/12)
miguel-cabrera-triple-crown-winnerBaseball’s Triple Crown is perhaps the loftiest and rarest of achievements: leading the league in batting average, home runs and … More >>

Sports Greats in Miniature: A Guide to McFarlane SportsPicks Figures (9/24/12)
McFarlane NCAA Football- Tim TebowIn the wake of the demise of the once-coveted STARTING LINEUP sports figures produced by Kenner, a new player entered … More >>

Sports Tickets—An Under-Appreciated Collectibles Category (9/17/12)
ebbets fieldThere is not a more genuine or tangible connection between a fan and their team than a game ticket. A … More >>

Investing in Football Cards: The NFL Rookie Class of 2012 (9/4/12)
2012 Score Russell Wilson RC AutoThis week kicks off the 2012 National Football League season, as helmeted warriors return to the gridiron for another year … More >>

Value for Lance Armstrong Collectibles May Cycle Up, Despite Doping Allegations (8/27/12)
Lance Auto PhotographIt cannot be denied, regardless of recent doping allegations, that Lance Armstrong is one of the most accomplished individual athletes … More >>

Going for the Gold: Collecting Olympic Prize and Participant Medals (7/30/12)
london medalsMuch fuss is rightly made over the extraordinary accomplishments of Olympic athletes. The long, sometimes monotonous years of daily training—usually … More >>

Meet WorthPoint’s Über-Collectors: Rob Bertrand, Sports Memorabilia (10/17/11)
500 club baseball collectionPassion, energy, excitement. The thrill of the hunt. It seems that everyone infected with the collecting bug shares these same … More >>

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