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Collecting Baseball Cards: 1948 Bowman Baseball Card Set (12/16/08)
Bowman 1948 Stan Musial CardFor the baseball card industry, 1948 is considered the start of the modern or post-war era of baseball card collecting. … More >>

Sports Dealers: Turn Maelstrom to Money (12/15/08)
It seems you can’t go five minutes without hearing the doom-and-gloom talk about our economy. Companies are going out of … More >>

Verdict Puts Squeeze on O.J. Collectibles (12/11/08)
Editor’s Note: Has the market for O.J. Simpson collectibles disappeared since his recent conviction on 12 felony counts? Or will there always be interest in this fallen sports hero? More >>

Collecting Baseball Cards and the 1948 Leaf Set (12/1/08)
The back of the Jackie Robinson card from the 1948 Leaf Set.Collecting Baseball Cards and the 1948 Leaf Set By Ed Kushner More >>

Young NBA Stars: Collectors’ Slam Dunk (11/22/08)
If you’re into sports collectibles, you know how important it is to find the next big thing. More >>

Is this Decoy Real? (11/17/08)
This decoy was painted with large blocks of color instead of detail.How Can You Tell If Decoys Are Real? By Laura Collum People who come in my shop look at all the decoys and often ask, “How can you tell if they are real?” Apart from the metaphysical question, what people mean by that is “are they old and were they really used as duck hunting decoys?” More >>

Fans Go Batty for Lousiville Slugger Museum (10/28/08)
big bat Editor’s Note: Some of the most sought-after collectibles are sports related. And near the top of that list are Louisville Sluggers. Here is a look at a museum dedicated to the official bat of Major League Baseball. More >>

Broadway Joe Collectibles Still Winners with Fans (10/28/08)
In today’s NFL, it’s commonplace for an athlete to say things that cause a stir in the media. Just look at Terrell Owens. Or Chad Johnson. Or in the 90’s, Deion Sanders. More >>

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