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Antique, Vintage Society Silk Embroidery—Painting with a Needle and Thread (1/14/13)
siilk 1More than a century ago, women created amazing works of art with a needle and silk thread. Known as society … More >>

Grain & Feed Sacks Begin as Utilitarian Tools but Soon Become Basis for Fashion (11/5/12)
grainsack 3It’s not unusual for a customer to walk up to my display of European grain sacks and exclaim, “My grandmother … More >>

Developing a Collector’s Passion for Vintage Japanese Kimono (10/12/12)
Taisho era purple furisode hikizuriI recently interviewed Naomi Graham Hormozi, a textile artist/freelance designer/homemaker in the San Francisco Bay Area, about her extensive collection … More >>

The Market for Vintage Haute Couture is as Sizzling as the Summer Weather (8/13/12)
1960s Pierre Cardin dressAs relentless summer heat pounds most of the United States, with many locations reaching record highs and triple-digit thermometer readings, … More >>

1940s & ’50s State Souvenir Linens Make Great Collectibles Today (7/23/12)
souvenir_inens_-_7Summer’s here, the kids are out of school and it’s time to pack up the car and hit the road! … More >>

You Don’t Have to Get Up Early to Score Great Items at Thrift Store Sales (6/14/12)
The early bird gets the worm, but the bird who sleeps in can find some cool stuff, too. A thrift store … More >>

The Art of Picking Vintage Textiles (as Told by a Fabric Hound) (3/21/12)
DSC01581I’ve been called a Fabric Hound, a Shmutra and a Picker and really all are just dandy with me. But … More >>

Marghab Linens—The Finest Embroidery Ever Made (4/23/09)
Yellow and white Margandie and linen placemat and napkin in the Iris design.Imagine a tablecloth of the finest Irish linen, embroidered with the best French embroidery floss in a design of exquisite … More >>

Stamenic’s Antique Carpet Ride (1/26/09)
Bakshaish village rugBy Mark Jaffe Zoran Stamenic’s grandfather was a woolmonger and carter in a small Serbian town near Belgrade. His grandparents’ home … More >>

Whimsical Tammis Keefe Handkerchiefs (1/26/09)
Tammis Keefe did a series of linen towels and handkerchiefs with dog and cat themes. This momma cat and her kittens came in several different color schemes.By Lynda Kolski WorthPoint Worthologist If you’re a collector of handkerchiefs, scarves or printed kitchen textiles, then you’ve probably come across some … More >>

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