• 2 Feb

That ‘Doggone’ Rug: How Some Typos can be turned into Collectible Gold

There are times when attention to detail seems to have gone to the dogs. At least, that’s the opinion of Bob Gualtieri, the sheriff of Pinellas County, Fla., who ordered a large green rug from American Floor Mats. The rug was to feature the Sheriff’s Office logo: a black, gold, and blue star emblazoned with […]

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  • 26 Jan

Stamenic’s Antique Carpet Ride

By Mark Jaffe Zoran Stamenic’s grandfather was a woolmonger and carter in a small Serbian town near Belgrade. His grandparents’ home was filled with interesting textiles and rugs. “I remember as a boy just lying on the carpet fascinated by the patterns,” said Stamenic, WorthPoint’s expert on antique and collectible carpets and textiles. “It was […]

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  • 5 Jan

An Easy Way to Display Your Valuable Rug

Displaying a valuable antique that should be kept of the floor used to be a big and often costly project. You had to sew a pocket in the back of the rug, find a rod to insert into the pocket, find a way to attach the rod to the wall, etc. The project involved several […]

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  • 17 Dec

Preserving the Worth of Your Antique Carpets

We have all seen beautiful Oriental carpets worn to shreds, discolored, cracked, stained, stretched out of shape and visited with all possible manner of abuse and indignity that go with age and neglect. Well, this needn’t be so. Unlike ourselves, carpets, properly loved, can stay forever young, preserving their beauty and value. Here is a list of […]

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