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Sterling Silver Spoon (10/5/08)
I have a sterlingsilver serving spoon pat.1889. It has a mark between the sterling and pat.1889. How do I find how much this is worth? Or can someone give me an educated guess on how much it could be worth More >>

Sterling & Silver-Plated Antiques (10/1/08)
Electro-Plated Nickel-Silver (EPNS) Flatware - Georg Jensen ca 1930sIn general, the term Sterling Silver is meant to distinguish items that are composed of mostly solid silver as opposed to Silver-Plated that have only a thin surface layer of silver. However, there are several other distinctions, some using terms that can be confusing and often lead to a misunderstanding of an item’s composition and hence its value. More >>

Walking Sticks: Utilitarian & Beautiful Collectibles (9/23/08)
Last time I took my grandfather’s walking stick, a true collectibles, for an airing, the neighborhood wits made solicitous inquiries about my “accident”—was it a large truck or a small banana peel? More >>

Thems Fighting Words (9/4/08)
C. Tenney Trading Co red pocket knife and wooden box, WorthPoint, Dan Borsey, collectiblesPocket knives are collectible from boy scout days to the pen knife on your key chain. The Swiss Army Knife is currently the most popular version with multiple knives, scissors, a nail file, and a corkscrew as standard issue. Vintage or antique knives can make for a beautiful collection with mother of pearl or wooden handles, brass liners, fancy springs and various designs. More >>

90 degree air ratchet (8/19/08)
I have a rotunda 90 degree air ratchet. It has ford motor company dearborn stamped on the end of it. Part # ere 71, Ser# 24775. I am trying to find out what it is worth. Any help would be appreciated. More >>

The Classic Telephone (7/17/08)
Antique wooden telephoneVintage phones are popular for their nostalgic value and design. They’re the stuff of black-and-white movies and dime store sodas. More >>

Chatelaines (7/17/08)
The word “chatelaine” means keeper of the castle. The person trusted to have the keys. More >>


what is my camera worth (7/6/08)
i have a wooden korona camera with different lenses and the black film plates and would like to know something about it. if anyone could help i would appreciate it. More >>

Antique Tools – Collectibles You Can Put to Use (6/19/08)
Butcherblock Tool BenchThe author is a Yankee Auctioneer with more than 25 years in the business, you can also find him at where he has over 300 archived appraisals and articles on antiques & collectibles, all are free to view without having to sign up. More >>

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