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The Curious Phenomenon of 19th-Century Chinese Export Silver Bosun’s Whistles (7/12/13)
decorated with wriggle work傳送我上去吧, 史考特. 十九世紀中國出口銀海軍口笛的特殊實物 What we know as the China Trade began in 1757 when, by Imperial edict, a set of stringent … More >>

Q & A with Harry Rinker: Sterling Silver & Tortoiseshell Cigar Box (6/15/13)
1375_cigar1QUESTION: I have an English sterling silver cigarette box with a tortoiseshell lid. It measures approximately 7 inches by 4 … More >>

Unloved Antiques: Reproduction Victorian-Era Spyglasses (2/19/13)
barrowtelescope3The next item in this series of Unloved Antiques is something that causes big problems in the antique and collectibles … More >>

Fine Art, Clocks and Oddities to Cross Block in Multi-Estate Auction (2/5/13)
Vampire kitABERDEEN, Miss. — The collections of at least two major estates will head to auction this month, including a set … More >>

Look with Your Brain, as well as Your Eyes, to Avoid a Costly Mistaken Identity (10/19/10)
blogcanvaswallet I was wandering around an antique mall in Tennessee one time a few years back and noticed some small … More >>

Cincinnati Offers a Hotbed of Early Firefighter Collectibles (8/2/10)
FIREMAN TINTYPE AND SILVER BELT PLATE Fathers, ask your sons today what they want to be when they grow up. The answer isn’t the same … More >>

The Collector’s Minute: Chemical Cart Fire Extinguisher (7/19/10)
Chemical Cart Fire Extinguisher“Chemical Cart” extinguishers were used in factories and towns all over the United States from the late 19th century onward. … More >>

Ask A Worthologist Question: Koch Barber Chair (6/21/10)
An early 20th-century barber’s chair, made by Theo A. Koch. Jeff S. is trying to sell a barber’s chair he had purchased a few years ago. The prices dealers are … More >>

Civil War Show Find: Finely Carved Spring-Loaded Lancet (4/5/10)
The parts of a spring-loaded lancet include the cocking mechanism (a), the trigger (b), and the blade (c), as seen on this highly engraved spring-loaded lancet by Kolb from Furth, GermanyMy father and I participated in the Civil War Show at the North Georgia Trade Center in Dalton, Ga., during … More >>

‘Neat’ Set of Apothecaries Measures (6/30/09)
Elmer Crowell female Goldeneye decoy I sold for $900 15 years ago at the Holiday Antique Show in Williamsburg, Va. It is one of his working decoys and in rough shape, with paint rubbed off at the breast. Even so, it’s a lovely decoy. People become antique dealers for various reasons. Some do so when their personal collection becomes too big for their home … More >>

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