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Tools of the Trade: Surgical Knives and Scalpels (5/15/09)
These amputation knives by Favre have ebony checkered handles with the maker’s name on the knife near the handle. A set like this should sell for around $300.In your hunt for the ultimate in medical instruments, don’t pass by loose instruments such as knives and scalpels. Surgical … More >>

Proper Care and Storage of Antique Medical Instruments (3/31/09)
Leaving this Civil War era amputation kit open all the time will not affect the metal instruments but will impact the fabric lining. For example, purple velveteen linings in many amputation sets have faded to a pale green where the inside was constantly exposed to lightMany of us have collections of antiques we wish to display but are not sure how. We do not always … More >>

Antiques and Collectibles of the Apothecary (3/26/09)
The large, iron pedestal mortar and pestle on the left was one used on the counter of an apothecary. Current auction prices range from (left to right) $95 for large cast iron pedestal, $50-100 for the small brass, $20 for the tiny 18th-century glass, $50 for the medium cast iron, $175 for the brass, and $85 for the lignum vitae.Until fairly recently, apothecaries (or chemists, pharmacists, druggists) compounded their own medicine and made their own pills, tinctures, syrups etc. … More >>

A Yankee Auction—The Duncklee Dair Farmstead (1/23/09)
By Tom Carrier WorthPoint Worthologist “Hey, I got 10, now, can I get 20. Bid a little more, it’s only money. I … More >>

Tools of the Trade: Amputation Saws (12/29/08)
This is a mid-19th-century medical chain saw with checkered ebony handles.You know, if you read my blog on amputation sets, that amputations were the surgical procedures most performed during the … More >>

Antique Tools – Collectibles You Can Put to Use (6/19/08)
Butcherblock Tool BenchThe author is a Yankee Auctioneer with more than 25 years in the business, you can also find him at where he has over 300 archived appraisals and articles on antiques & collectibles, all are free to view without having to sign up. More >>

Barber Shop, Beauty Shop & Shaving Colectibles (1/26/08)
The neighborhood barber shop was an important social and cultural institution in the first half of the 20th century. … More >>

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