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Tools of the Trade: Amputation Saws

You know, if you read my blog on amputation sets, that amputations were the surgical procedures most performed during the Civil War. Resection was a procedure performed then as well, but it took a long time and it was a fact that soldiers had a better chance of survival the quicker the operation. The earliest […]

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Antique Tools – Collectibles You Can Put to Use

The author is a Yankee Auctioneer with more than 25 years in the business, you can also find him at www.auctionwally.com where he has over 300 archived appraisals and articles on antiques & collectibles, all are free to view without having to sign up.

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Barber Shop, Beauty Shop & Shaving Colectibles

The neighborhood barber shop was an important social and cultural institution in the first half of the 20th century. Men and boys gathered to gossip, exchange business news, and check current fashions. With the emergence of unisex shops in the 1960s, the number of barber shops dropped by half in the United States. References: Ronald S. […]

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