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Space Is a Frightening Place: Collecting ‘Alien’ Toys and Memorabilia (7/13/12)
Alien original soundtrack album released by 20th Century-Fox Records Corporation in 1979. Music composed by Jerry GoldsmithReleased in May of 1979, the classic sci-fi chiller “Alien” not only introduced moviegoers to an incredibly fearsome new movie … More >>

Avengers Assemble! A Look at Marvel Comics Superhero Collectibles (6/4/12)
A reprint of The Avengers #1 (Sept. 1963) comic book. An original copy can sell for thousands of dollars; this Marvel MilestoneOne of the most popular films of the year, the epic superhero flick “The Avengers” is shaping up to be … More >>

Single-Owner Collection of Antique French, German Dolls to go on the Block (10/10/10)
Unis doll BLUE SPRINGS, Mo. – A nice, single-owner collection of more than 125 rare and vintage dolls—nearly all of them … More >>

The Collector’s Minute: Ellis Maple Dolls (9/20/10)
ellisdoll Identification of dolls can be difficult, hindered by the fact many are unmarked, some manufacturers made parts for other … More >>

Reproduction or Antique? How Best to Enhance a Doll Collection (3/24/09)
Clairmaid Parian, circa 1966, my personal collectionWhen talking with a doll collector, the conversation inevitably turns to those dolls that make up our “dolly dreams.” We … More >>

How Much Is That Dolly In The Window? (2/24/09)
Baby Aero – Noel Barrett Antiques & Auctions Ltd. (used with permission)In the world of antiques, just because something is old does not make it particularly valuable. Likewise, just because a … More >>

A Life Well Lived (11/17/08)
A Wedding in a Land of Dolls, LIFE magazine  9/12/1955A Life Well Lived By Laurie McGill On June 18, 2008 I turned on my computer to find an email from the Tudor Family: More >>

The Parisian Poupée….French Fashion Dolls (10/12/08)
The exact purpose of French Fashion dolls have caused much speculation. There are few if any unaware that Paris, France has a long history of defining what the current ideals of fashion and beauty are. More >>

Goodyear Rubber Head Dolls (10/12/08)
American Charles Goodyear was born in 1800 and died in 1860. His father Amasa Goodyear was a pioneer in the manufacture of American hardware and was the inventor of a steel hayfork which replaced the heavy iron fork. The invention of the steel hay fork expedited and thus lightened the labor of field work. His father also manufactured the first pearl buttons made in America. More >>

Doll Collecting Traces Roots to the 18th Century (10/7/08)
United Federation of Doll ClubOrganized Doll Collecting Traces Roots to the 18th Century By Laurie McGill More >>

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