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Barbie™ ~ Looking Good at “49” !

Barbie™ gives a new meaning to the saying’ “You’ve come a long way baby.” 2008 marks 49 years since her first public showing at the New York Toy Fair. The Barbie™ doll has delighted children and collectors for many years. There are young and old Barbie™ fans not just in our country, but all over the world. So who is responsible for such an infamous doll?

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Action Figures

Early action figures depicted popular television western heroes from the 1950s and were produced by Hartland. Louis Marx also included action figures in several of its playsets from the late 1950s. Hassenfield Bros. triggered the modern action figure craze with its introduction of G.I. Joe in 1964. The following year Gilbert produced James Bond 007, The […]

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The first Barbie fashion dolls, patented by Mattel in 1958, arrived on toy store shelves in 1959. By 1960, Barbie was a marketing success. The development of Barbie’s boyfriend, Ken, began in 1960. Many other friends followed. Clothing, vehicles, doll houses, and other accessories became an integral part of the line. From September 1961 through July […]

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Coming of Age: Toys in Early America

American toys actually predate recorded history. American Indian children played with the smaller versions of their parents’ items, right down to scaled-down bows and arrows. Before the American Indian slowly migrated across North and South America, sometime after the last Ice Age, Eskimo children in the far north hoisted tiny harpoons imitating the hunters of […]

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