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License to Thrill: Six Decades of James Bond Agent 007 Memorabilia (10/31/12)
james bond gun barrelWho’s suave, remains cool in the face of danger, uses a fantastic arsenal of weapons, vehicles and gadgets in his … More >>

The Fury of Dracula—the Best Horror Board Game Ever Published (10/30/12)
fury of draculaFor part 2 of our WorthPoint Halloween board games spook show (read Part One here; last year’s article here), I’m … More >>

Arkham Horror Brings H.P. Lovecraft’s Spooky Writing to Life in a Board Game (10/22/12)
Arkham Horror boxIn last year’s Halloween article, I presented readers with a couple of very expensive, very collectible board games with spooky … More >>

Holy Batmania! A Look at Batman Toys and Collectibles (9/10/12)
A Batman promo cardboard mask, given away by General Electric in 1966. A Robin mask is printed on the reversed side. Value $5 -The Dark Knight. The Caped Crusader. The Darknight Detective. Numerous monikers have been bestowed upon that famous protector of Gotham … More >>

Recreating the D-Day Invasion Through Vintage Table-Top Board Games (6/12/12)
axis and allies D-DayThe world marked the 68th anniversary of D-Day last week, the day when the Allies began the bold invasion of … More >>

Doomed from the Start: Games about Titanic Tragedy Flounder with Public (4/18/12)
sinking of the titanic boxApril 15th, 2012 marked the 100th anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic. The facts in the case should be … More >>

Shall We Play a Game? An Interview with a Board Game Über-Collector (12/20/11)
DanBaden 1Dan Baden is a published board game designer who has a multiplayer simulation of United Nations negotiation coming out in … More >>

The Rise and Fall of the Great Sid Sackson Gaming Collection (11/29/11)
Sid SacksonSid Sackson is regarded by many to be one of the most important and influential game designers of all time. … More >>

No Rubber Bands: Preserving Game Cards (11/7/11)
BU001683It’s happened to anyone who has ever bought a vintage board or card game from an antiques dealer, a thrift … More >>

Horror Board Games: Spooky Play with some Scary Secondary Values (10/24/11)
Halloween_Haunted HouseMonster, horror and other Halloweenie themes have long been popular in both mainstream and hobby market board games. Modern examples … More >>

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