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American Marble Auctions Makes Debut with Inaugural Online Sale

SACRAMENTO, Calif. – The first-ever Internet-only auction for American Marble Auctions—an offshoot of American Bottle Auctions, which has featured marbles in its sales before but is now dedicating a new company solely to marble auctions—will go online Sept. 20 and run for 10 days, featuring some 200 marbles from around the globe and across the […]

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Antique Marbles—The Simplest of Toys is now a Complex Hobby

I had a 15-minute break from work one Saturday a couple of years ago and decided to spend it cruising through the flea market up the road, near where I live here in Maine. I’m an antique bottle digger and collector, and that’s what I generally hunt for at a flea market, but I’ll also […]

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Q & A with Harry Rinker: Weather Bird Shoes Box of Marbles Premium

QUESTION: I have a box of five marbles I received as a premium when purchasing a pair of Weather Bird Shoes. The top of the oblong box has the Weather Bird shoes rooster logo flanking an oblong opening showing four of the marbles. The side reads: “WEATHER BIRD SHOES / BEST FOR BOYS….BEST FOR GIRLS.” […]

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From Manmade to Machine Manufactured, Transitional Marbles Were Homemade

From 1880 to 1915 glass marbles were manufactured in the US by machine for the first time – or at least they were machine manufactured in part. A part of the process was still done by hand and the marbles made in this way are known as Transitional Marbles. They represent a bridge between manmade and machine manufactured marbles.

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Have You Lost Your Marbles?

A thumb flicks a shiny marble across the cement and the camera zooms in on the child’s face – tongue curled over his upper lip in consternation, his gaze steady – as the tiny ball rolls toward its target. A smile erupts when the marble hits its mark.

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