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No Rubber Bands: Preserving Game Cards (11/7/11)
BU001683It’s happened to anyone who has ever bought a vintage board or card game from an antiques dealer, a thrift … More >>

Meet WorthPoint’s Über-Collectors: Jennifer Frankhouser, Steiff Teddy Bears & Animals (10/31/11)
Jenny_wSteiffJockoPassion, energy, excitement. The thrill of the hunt. It seems that everyone infected with the collecting bug shares these same … More >>

Rinker on Collectibles: Considering Toys as a Measure of Age (10/24/11)
Harry RinkerI received an e-mail from Christopher Bensch, vice president of Collections at the National Museum of Play, asking me to … More >>

Horror Board Games: Spooky Play with some Scary Secondary Values (10/24/11)
Halloween_Haunted HouseMonster, horror and other Halloweenie themes have long been popular in both mainstream and hobby market board games. Modern examples … More >>

3M’s Innovative Bookshelf Games: The Precursors to Today’s Hobby Board Games (10/10/11)
3m image 2When most folks think of the 3M corporate brand, their thoughts most likely turn toward the unmistakable smell of Scotch … More >>

The Source of Collector Pandemonium: Steiff’s Stuffed Pandas (10/3/11)
steiff panda 4With Steiff pandas, things are pretty black and white. Collectors just can’t get enough of these rare bears and, as … More >>

Star Wars Board Games Have Game-Playing, Monetary Values (9/26/11)
lukeGeorge Lucas’ Star Wars saga—both the three great films and three really bad ones—hit Blu-Ray this past week, shattering sales … More >>

Battleship: Its Value is in the Playing of the Game (9/12/11)
1967 Battleship“You sank my battleship!” is—without a doubt—one of those iconic catchphrases that kids picked up from commercials shown during Saturday … More >>

Several Different Dogs with the Same Name: Steiff’s Spectacular Cocker Spaniels (8/29/11)
IMG_4512Mark Twain once wrote, “The more I know about people, the better I like my dog.” You may or may … More >>

You May Pass Go, but Do Not Collect $200: Assessing Vintage Monopoly Games (8/29/11)
1935 editionFor most folks, the term “board game” is practically synonymous with Monopoly, the venerable game of real estate ownership patented … More >>

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