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Steiff’s ‘Dog Days of Summer’ Include a Dalmatian, a Pekingese and a Poodle

Now that the dog days of summer are upon us, it is the perfect time to explore the dog days of Steiff! Throughout the history of the company, specific eras are known for the iconic products introduced during those periods. For example, it would be appropriate to call the turn of last century the “Teddy […]

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Born in the ’50s: Steiff’s Zotty Teddy Bear

The Steiff Company is probably most famous for inventing the Teddy bear in 1902. In the 108 years since the first Steiff bruin made his debut at the Leipzig Toy Fair in Germany, Steiff has worked tirelessly to keep improving the quality, design, and construction of their world-famous Teds. Over time, Steiff has introduced countless […]

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Good Golly, It’s Steiff’s Molly!

The Margarete Steiff Company is known all around the world for producing some of most delightful, enduring and beloved soft toys for children of all ages. Without a doubt, Teddy bears are the company’s most legendary and high volume items. However, in addition to Teddy bears, the company also has a very special touch with […]

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Steiff Find of the Week – Jocko the Chimp

The Steiff Company of Germany is probably best known for creating the first Teddy bear in 1902. For many people, giving or receiving a Steiff Teddy bear is more than just a generous act; it’s the kind of exchange that says, “this moment, and you, are extraordinarily special.” Besides Teddy bears, however, Steiff also has […]

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Steiff Woolies – An Iconic Steiff Design

Is it possible to hold the whole world in your hand? Well, yes, if you believe the lyrics to a well-known American spiritual song . . . or you are a Steiff collector! The Steiff Company of Giegen, Germany, is probably best recognized as the inventor of the Teddy bear as we know him today. […]

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Wonderful Wind-up Toys: Wheels, Cogs and Springs Combine to Thrill Children

In this world of computer technology and artificial intelligence, wind-up toys of the past seem that much more amazing. For more than a century, the simple idea of a mainspring wound up by lever, key or handle worked to power countless toys produced in Germany, Japan and the United States. During the 19th century, the […]

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Q & A with Harry Rinker: Marian Yu Dolls, Scrappy & Margy Toy, Realistic Stereo Camera

QUESTION: I have two signed and numbered dolls designed by Marion Yu. The boy doll is #846 and the girl is #502. Each has a porcelain head and hands and stands 16 inches tall. The boy is dressed in a blue outfit, the girl in a pink outfit. I do not have the literature or […]

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Q & A with Harry Rinker: Mickey Rooney’s One-Man Band Toy, Pitcher and Basin

QUESTION: I own a Mickey Rooney’s One Man Band toy that is near mint in its period box. The One Man Band consists of a washboard, the top portion of which has a paper label featuring a head and shoulder picture of Mickey Rooney on the left and “MICKEY / ROONEY’S / One Man Band” […]

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‘Hey, Taxi!’ Cab Service on a Small Scale

The taxi cab is a common sight on the streets of any city. For small-scale die-cast collectors, the humble cab has been made available over the years in many forms. At any given time, most die-cast manufacturers have at least one cab in their regular line-up. The examples shown here are by no means all […]

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Wacky Racers Offer a Crazily Customized Die-Cast Collection Category

Having a 4-year-old in the house is a great way to keep young. My son, Bentley, like most children his age, is fond of cartoons. Recently, we were setting up his race track play mat and I asked what kind of race cars he would choose from his collection for the race. Usually he selects […]

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