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Collecting FAO Schwarz-Exclusive Steiff Stuffed Animals (8/16/10)
FAO ponyThe wonderful Teddy bears and animals produced by Steiff are certainly well known for their quality and charming good looks … More >>

Living Large with Steiff’s Life-Size Studio Animals (8/2/10)
hush puppies The Steiff Company is known throughout the world as the designer and producer of some of the most lifelike … More >>

TILT! A New National Pinball Museum to Open in Washington, D.C. (7/26/10)
pinball A Maryland man who owns some 900 pinball machines plans to open a public museum devoted to the pastime … More >>

All Abuzz about Steiff’s Line of Insects (7/19/10)
Steiff’s 12-centimeter Spidy Spider, from 1960-61, in fair condition. His legs have partially snapped off, which is quite common in this item. Note his remarkable airbrushing and three black glass eyes. I don’t mean to bug you, but given all the outdoor activities associated with this wonderful season of the … More >>

Steiff’s ‘Dog Days of Summer’ Include a Dalmatian, a Pekingese and a Poodle (7/5/10)
Steiff’s “Spotty Dotty”—Dally the Dalmatian.  This Dally was produced from 1953-69 in 10, 17 and 28 centimeters. Now that the dog days of summer are upon us, it is the perfect time to explore the dog … More >>

Born in the ’50s: Steiff’s Zotty Teddy Bear (6/8/10)
Classic Steiff Zotty style bears: a 50 cm woven fur Zotty (1979-1985), a 20 cm white dralon cosy Teddy (1968-1975), and an 18 cm mohair Zotty (1963-1975). The Steiff Company is probably most famous for inventing the Teddy bear in 1902. In the 108 years since … More >>

Good Golly, It’s Steiff’s Molly! (5/31/10)
Three Mollys from 1926-1931. Note the white circular chest tag, which only appeared on Steiff items from 1926-1928. The larger Molly is the extremely rare Musical Molly from 1928-1931; only 328 of these pieces were produced. The Margarete Steiff Company is known all around the world for producing some of most delightful, enduring and beloved soft … More >>

Steiff Find of the Week – Jocko the Chimp (5/17/10)
Two Steiff Jocko the Chimps from the 1910-1920 time frame; The one on the left is a dark brown fellow in absolute pristine condition (sitting on a modern-day Steiff play block) while the other is a very loved, but still proud, Jocko puppet.The Steiff Company of Germany is probably best known for creating the first Teddy bear in 1902. For many people, … More >>

Steiff Woolies – An Iconic Steiff Design (5/3/10)
Woll-Hase” or woolen rabbits. Please also note the original attached price tag still on the larger bunny’s foot . . . she was $2 at Bloomingdale’s in 1967, which translates into about $13 today. Also pictured is the Steiff woolie and mohair skunk from 1954-1978.Is it possible to hold the whole world in your hand? Well, yes, if you believe the lyrics to a … More >>

Wonderful Wind-up Toys: Wheels, Cogs and Springs Combine to Thrill Children (11/4/09)
A German-made Guntherman "Blue Bird" Land Speed Car in good working order. This tin lithographed wind-up car is 20 inches long and features sporty Art Deco detailing. Circa 1930.In this world of computer technology and artificial intelligence, wind-up toys of the past seem that much more amazing. For more … More >>

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