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Steiff Find of the Week – Jocko the Chimp (5/17/10)
Two Steiff Jocko the Chimps from the 1910-1920 time frame; The one on the left is a dark brown fellow in absolute pristine condition (sitting on a modern-day Steiff play block) while the other is a very loved, but still proud, Jocko puppet.The Steiff Company of Germany is probably best known for creating the first Teddy bear in 1902. For many people, … More >>

Steiff Woolies – An Iconic Steiff Design (5/3/10)
Woll-Hase” or woolen rabbits. Please also note the original attached price tag still on the larger bunny’s foot . . . she was $2 at Bloomingdale’s in 1967, which translates into about $13 today. Also pictured is the Steiff woolie and mohair skunk from 1954-1978.Is it possible to hold the whole world in your hand? Well, yes, if you believe the lyrics to a … More >>

Wonderful Wind-up Toys: Wheels, Cogs and Springs Combine to Thrill Children (11/4/09)
A German-made Guntherman "Blue Bird" Land Speed Car in good working order. This tin lithographed wind-up car is 20 inches long and features sporty Art Deco detailing. Circa 1930.In this world of computer technology and artificial intelligence, wind-up toys of the past seem that much more amazing. For more … More >>

Q & A with Harry Rinker: Marian Yu Dolls, Scrappy & Margy Toy, Realistic Stereo Camera (10/19/09)
Harry RinkerQUESTION: I have two signed and numbered dolls designed by Marion Yu. The boy doll is #846 and the … More >>

Q & A with Harry Rinker: Mickey Rooney’s One-Man Band Toy, Pitcher and Basin (9/2/09)
harry-rinkerQUESTION: I own a Mickey Rooney’s One Man Band toy that is near mint in its period box. The … More >>

‘Hey, Taxi!’ Cab Service on a Small Scale (8/1/09)
1964 Chevrolet Impala sedan by MatchboxThe taxi cab is a common sight on the streets of any city. For small-scale die-cast collectors, the humble cab … More >>

Wacky Racers Offer a Crazily Customized Die-Cast Collection Category (6/23/09)
Red Baron”Having a 4-year-old in the house is a great way to keep young. My son, Bentley, like most children his … More >>

Q & A with Harry Rinker: Tin Soldiers, M1 Helmet, Semaphore Light, ‘Family Circle’ (6/17/09)
harry-rinker1QUESTION: I have five lead figures that my mother acquired from her grandfather when living in Macedonia around 1950. Her … More >>

Reproduction or Antique? How Best to Enhance a Doll Collection (3/24/09)
Clairmaid Parian, circa 1966, my personal collectionWhen talking with a doll collector, the conversation inevitably turns to those dolls that make up our “dolly dreams.” We … More >>

How Much Is That Dolly In The Window? (2/24/09)
Baby Aero – Noel Barrett Antiques & Auctions Ltd. (used with permission)In the world of antiques, just because something is old does not make it particularly valuable. Likewise, just because a … More >>

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