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Goodyear Rubber Head Dolls (10/12/08)
American Charles Goodyear was born in 1800 and died in 1860. His father Amasa Goodyear was a pioneer in the manufacture of American hardware and was the inventor of a steel hayfork which replaced the heavy iron fork. The invention of the steel hay fork expedited and thus lightened the labor of field work. His father also manufactured the first pearl buttons made in America. More >>

Doll Collecting Traces Roots to the 18th Century (10/7/08)
United Federation of Doll ClubOrganized Doll Collecting Traces Roots to the 18th Century By Laurie McGill More >>

Doll Terminology (10/6/08)
Jan FoulkeDoll Terminology By Laurie McGill The following is a list of frequently used doll terms, based in part on the Glossary, published by the United Federation of Doll Clubs in 1978, and Jan Foulke’s 12th Blue Book of Dolls & Values, published by Hobby House Press, Inc. All-Bisque: a miniature doll, typically under 12 inches, made entirely of bisque. More >>

Wax Dolls…Poured, Reinforced or Wax Over? (9/28/08)
The production of wax dolls began in the late 1700′s and continued into the early 1900′s. The vast majority of poured wax dolls were produced in England by doll makers such as Pierotti, Montanari, Meech, Peck and Marsh. Henry Pierotti made the first baby dolls and used the children of Queen Victoria as models. These dolls are known as Royal Model Babies. More >>

Early Papier Mache Dolls….Delicate Beauties (9/26/08)
China invented Papier mache and was using it during the Han Dynasty (202 BC – 220 AD) to make helmets which were covered with many layers of lacquer to strengthen them. If you check the dictionary for the etymology of Papier Macheit it is French and literally means chewed paper. More >>

Toy Train Sets (9/17/08)
Colorful toy train set, WorthPoint, Thom Pattie blog, model trainsA website dedicated to collecting model trains calls itself the “World’s Greatest Hobby,” and it isn’t hard to imagine why. Collecting colorful toy train sets is an old and respected leisure occupation. From the time trains arrived as transportation, train sets have been created and collected. More >>

Collecting Antique Dolls ….How Do I Start? (9/14/08)
Whenever someone visits my home I frequently hear “Oh you collect dolls” followed by “Where do you find them”. I have always loved antiques and have collected a variety of things beginning in my early 20′s, my love affair with dolls began with a visit to a local historical building that is a hotel and also features a wonderful restaurant. More >>

From Manmade to Machine Manufactured, Transitional Marbles Were Homemade (9/4/08)
non-pontil transitional marbleFrom 1880 to 1915 glass marbles were manufactured in the US by machine for the first time – or at least they were machine manufactured in part. A part of the process was still done by hand and the marbles made in this way are known as Transitional Marbles. They represent a bridge between manmade and machine manufactured marbles. More >>

Kate Moss, Latin Art, a Gold Rush Coin, & Insuring Collectibles (7/7/08)
In eccentric collectibles, model Kate Moss drops a hair extension in Berlin that results in bids on eBay and in fine art, a contested painting sets a new record for a Latin work. Iowan floods that brought the heartbreaking loss of a baseball legend’s memorabilia prompts an article on sports collectibles insurance, a Gold Rush-era coin is put on display, and a doll hits the big screen. More >>

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