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You never know what you will find… And when… (1/3/08)
I was driving to get gas at 7:30 this morning here in Maine. The temperature was a brisk 3 degrees. We have an outdoor flea market at an antique mall where dealers sell their wares just about year round. I was so surprised to see a dealer out in front of the flea market on such a cold day, so I stopped to show my interest in his craziness. More >>

I’ve Lost My Marbles, Show Me Yours!!!! (12/5/07)
I have officially lost my marbles! I am looking for collectors who want to share their marble collections and form a solid grounded community with a vast knowledge base. Show the world your marbles! More >>

Hartland Figures (10/23/07)
Hartland Plastics, located in southern Wisconsin, produced a series of sport and western figures between 1953 and the early 1960s. These … More >>

Coming of Age: Toys in Early America (7/31/07)
A drawing of a largely unclothed Indian girl with her new doll.American toys actually predate recorded history. American Indian children played with the smaller versions of their parents’ items, right down … More >>

A Survey of Chevrolet Nomads in 1/64 Scale (2/18/07)
A Survey of Chevrolet Nomads in 1/64 Scaleby Dave Weber, images Doug Breithaupt The year was 1954 and was the first time a Chevrolet Nomad was introduced to … More >>

The Less-Than Fairlady: Nissan’s 280ZX (2/18/07)
The less-than Fairlady: Nissan’s 280ZXby Brian Willoughby For almost 10 years, Nissan’s original Z car had dominated the American sports car scene, becoming, along the … More >>

Military Vehicles Past and Present (2/11/06)
Military Vehicles Past and Present - part 2Military Vehicles Past and Present by Ivan Delgado images by Ivan Delgado and Doug Breithaupt WC54 Ambulance (WWII), Johnny L. DINKY TOYS 22f Tank22c Motor … More >>

1973 – A Glorious Time for Grand Touring Cars (2/11/06)
1973 - A Glorious Time for Grand Touring CarsBy Doug Breithaupt To the French, they are the ‘Grand Routier’, to the Italians, ‘Gran Turismo’, and to the English … More >>

The Original Jeep: 50 Years in Miniature (2/11/06)
The Original Jeep: 50 Years in MiniatureBy Doug Breithaupt One of the most-recognized of all vehicles, the original Jeep has been a popular choice for diecast producers. … More >>

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