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All Abuzz about Steiff’s Line of Insects (7/19/10)
Steiff’s 12-centimeter Spidy Spider, from 1960-61, in fair condition. His legs have partially snapped off, which is quite common in this item. Note his remarkable airbrushing and three black glass eyes. I don’t mean to bug you, but given all the outdoor activities associated with this wonderful season of the … More >>

Steiff’s ‘Dog Days of Summer’ Include a Dalmatian, a Pekingese and a Poodle (7/5/10)
Steiff’s “Spotty Dotty”—Dally the Dalmatian.  This Dally was produced from 1953-69 in 10, 17 and 28 centimeters. Now that the dog days of summer are upon us, it is the perfect time to explore the dog … More >>

Born in the ’50s: Steiff’s Zotty Teddy Bear (6/8/10)
Classic Steiff Zotty style bears: a 50 cm woven fur Zotty (1979-1985), a 20 cm white dralon cosy Teddy (1968-1975), and an 18 cm mohair Zotty (1963-1975). The Steiff Company is probably most famous for inventing the Teddy bear in 1902. In the 108 years since … More >>

Good Golly, It’s Steiff’s Molly! (5/31/10)
Three Mollys from 1926-1931. Note the white circular chest tag, which only appeared on Steiff items from 1926-1928. The larger Molly is the extremely rare Musical Molly from 1928-1931; only 328 of these pieces were produced. The Margarete Steiff Company is known all around the world for producing some of most delightful, enduring and beloved soft … More >>

Steiff Find of the Week – Jocko the Chimp (5/17/10)
Two Steiff Jocko the Chimps from the 1910-1920 time frame; The one on the left is a dark brown fellow in absolute pristine condition (sitting on a modern-day Steiff play block) while the other is a very loved, but still proud, Jocko puppet.The Steiff Company of Germany is probably best known for creating the first Teddy bear in 1902. For many people, … More >>

Steiff Woolies – An Iconic Steiff Design (5/3/10)
Woll-Hase” or woolen rabbits. Please also note the original attached price tag still on the larger bunny’s foot . . . she was $2 at Bloomingdale’s in 1967, which translates into about $13 today. Also pictured is the Steiff woolie and mohair skunk from 1954-1978.Is it possible to hold the whole world in your hand? Well, yes, if you believe the lyrics to a … More >>

Valentine’s Warm and Fuzzy Story (2/12/09)
Antique ValentineThe obligatory giving of flowers, candy and cards often makes Valentine’s Day—supposedly a holiday for celebrating true love—seem like just … More >>

More new webkinz (6/23/08)
Hey veiwers it’s the three sisters telling you all the new kind of webkinz coming out this year. Just in case you don’t know whst webkinz is it is a website where you can have pets on. You can make food, play games, buy things, like clothes, food, books,and many more. You can wash your pet or you can wash your pets teeth and fase. You can garden too. Plus there is sooo much more. More >>

Webkinz :) Collectibles for Kids (5/29/08)
We collect webkinz because the web site is fun to play with and they are adorable.You can look at our slides and learn about them. You have to be careful where you buy them as some sometimes they could be dangerous if you use your real name and address. (explain that) some of the questions you might want to answer…. who collects webkinz why they collect them what you do with them More >>

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