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Automobilia China Part Two (11/6/08)
Another example of Tourist china by the Roseville Company of Zanesville, Ohio., this one depicting a disabled auto being helped by a rider and horse. Automobilia China Part Two By David Bausch More >>

United We Stand License Plates (11/5/08)
New Jersey -- United We Stand United We Stand: Sept.11th, 2001 and Fight Terrorism License Plates By Andy Bernstein More >>

Early Car Makers Desired Hit Song to Boost Sales (10/13/08)
The Packard and the Ford sheet musicEarly Car Makers Desired Hit Song to Boost Sales By Dave Bausch In the field of Automobilia, the one subject most collected is advertising. Advertising took many forms: posters, prints, toys, magazine ads, postcards just to name a few. But the one that most of the automobile makers yearned for was to have their specific model of car depicted on sheet music. More >>

The Lure of Collecting Automobile License Plates (10/1/08)
Once upon a time, old license plates were just old license plates. Once having outlived their usefulness, they were discarded, tacked to an old barn door or nailed to the garage walls and quickly forgotten. Anyone that collected them was viewed as somewhat of an oddball, perhaps engaging in some type of suspicious activity. More >>

Early Automobilia Stein (10/1/08)
What links the history of the automobile and the history of automobilia? The answer is the love/hate relationship with the automobile. Much autombilia–prints, sheet music, steins, postcards, valentines–illustrates the conflict between automobile lover and hater. More >>

Collectible Automobilia Ashtray (10/1/08)
“Automobilia” comes in many forms. Often, these objects are cross collectibles (i.e. ashtrays). One of the most interesting early ashtrays is the one pictured. More >>

Ernest Montaut: A Collectible Automobilia Artist (10/1/08)
Not too many years ago the automobile was considered the work of madmen, determined to corrupt the morals of our society, not to mention upset the enterprise of the blacksmith, the horse breeder and the harness maker. (They weren’t far from the truth.) It is difficult for the current generation to understand how the automobile caught the world’s imagination. More >>

Ford 30 Year Commerative Coin of V8 Engine (9/28/08)
I have a coin that was given to my greatgrandfathers from the Ford Company when they were celebrating the V8 engine’s 30th year. The coin is solid copper, and in the front is a radiator, with the word Ford written across it. On the each side coin are the dates 1903 and 1933. More >>

Vietnamese Antiques Take Big Euro Hit (8/19/08)
A strange mix of art, antiques and collectibles news leads off with a multimillion-dollar miscalculation by the Vietnamese when auctioning a sunken treasure, followed by a collector who didn’t like paying for his artwork and finally, a 1938 Alfa Romeo takes Best of Show. More >>

Do You Remember Yuri Gagarin? (7/17/08)
Photograph of Yuri Gagarin as he appeared during his 1961 flightIn 1961 Yuri Gagarin became the first human to enter space and orbit the globe for 108 minutes aboard Vostok 3KA-2 (Vostok I) and returned safely to earth. What a brave cosmonaut!! More >>

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