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Toys on Parade: Collectible Playthings are anything but Child’s Play

Collectors looking to bringing back childhood memories of Mickey Mouse, Barbie, Popeye, trains, banks, robots and much more will have several opportunities this month as a number of toy auctions are scheduled for May. Morphy’s Auction will be hosting a toy auction on May 30-31 in Denver, Pa., featuring a robot collection, rare European toys […]

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Space: An Infinite Opportunity for Collectibles

It was an amazing afternoon at my grandma’s house on July 20, 1969. Being 13 at the time, I wasn’t quite clear on the whole historic idea of space travel or landing a man on the moon. I was watching the black-and-white image on the large console television as Neil Armstrong said, “That’s one small […]

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Auction House, Damaged by Sandy, Returns with Toy, Book, Memorabilia Sales

LYNBROOK, N.Y.— Three auctions have been scheduled for February and March featuring historical memorabilia, rare books, stamps, and coins hosted by Phillip Weiss Auctions. The sales represent the return to live sales for the firm, which was displaced when its Oceanside, N.Y., building was destroyed during Hurricane Sandy and the company was forced to vacate […]

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The Collector’s Minute: Out of this World Prices for ‘Flown’ Items

  To collectors of items related to space flight, nothing is nearer and dearer to their hearts than the word “flown.” While any item related to space exploration from the early days of NASA to the latest space shuttle flights are sought after, “flown” items are the most desirable. What the term “flown” refers to […]

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Do You Remember Yuri Gagarin?

In 1961 Yuri Gagarin became the first human to enter space and orbit the globe for 108 minutes aboard Vostok 3KA-2 (Vostok I) and returned safely to earth. What a brave cosmonaut!!

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