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Weekly Arts, Antiques & Collectibles News Roundup: Dec.5-9, 2011 (12/8/11)
In this week’s roundup of arts, antiques and collectibles, we learn that early photographs—and their rights—of Marilyn Monroe brought a … More >>

Ask A Worthologist Question: Brass Bardou Telescope (3/8/11)
bardou2Carol B. inherited this telescope from her grandfather, and while she thinks it’s a wonderful thing, but there’s no room … More >>

The Comic Speculator – New Comics Roundup 05/26/2010 (5/26/10)
Fraggle Rock #1 The Comic Speculator is a blog written by WorthPoint Comic Book “Worthologist” Matt Baum that takes a look at … More >>

Lincoln Exhibit to Travel the Country on 200th Anniversary of President’s Birth (1/22/09)
By Tom Carrier WorthPoint Worthologist The 200th birthday of Abraham Lincoln, the 16th president of the United States, will be celebrated on … More >>

Antique Safe (10/17/08)
I found this safe and want to purchase it. Inside the door on the safe it has the date and manufacture. I know it is made by HALL’S but the date is harder to read. It is 1859 or 1869. The safe is approx. 2′x 3′ and has 4 wheels. Does antone know the value of this safe in ‘GOOD’ condition and where I can find original pictures and items for this safe????? More >>

Antique Silver rings (10/4/08)
Please get from me antique palm leaf manuscripts, antique coins and antique notes and also antique silver rings. More >>

Sinking Duck (10/4/08)
With the stock market in the States going bonkers,now and the following week expect prices to fall dramatically for w/f ducks. Two twilight’s in the U.K. and the States did’nt even bring a bid. Productions of 1980 ducks (flc) are holding there own. Amazing how it coincides with the fall duck hunting season. Cheers, Jim. More >>

It’s Opportunity Time for Antique and Fine Art Collectors & Dealers (10/3/08)
My phone is continuing to ring off the hook with people desperate to sell their belongings because they need cash, … More >>

Japenese figurine (9/29/08)
can anyone help!! More >>

Shirley Temple baby buggy (9/26/08)
I have a Shirley Temple baby buggy, full size, not doll size. Has 3 hubcaps with Shirley Temple stamped on them. Wood base and leather accordian style top. Any info/worth would be appreciated. Interested in selling. Has some damage. More >>

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