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Collecting Historical Autographs – Basic info (9/25/08)
George Washington Presidential signed documentWhen collecting autographs, it is better to collect letters and documents and avoid clipped signatures (signatures that were cut from letters or documents). First, there is nothing historical about a clip, and Secondly, it is very hard to properly authenticate a clipped signature. Go for letters and documents and other “larger” items. More >>

You know I’ve been wanting to pick up a Hero ER-18 (8/19/08)
It will occupy space. Set me back a few hundred dollars. I’ll probably break my back lifting it too :-) More >>

18th. Century Antiques, Prized but not always priceless. (7/26/08)
18th c. leather boxWhen I found this old box or small trunk at a flea market years ago,I was quite smitten with myself … More >>

The Classic Telephone (7/17/08)
Antique wooden telephoneVintage phones are popular for their nostalgic value and design. They’re the stuff of black-and-white movies and dime store sodas. More >>

Ice Cream Parlor & Soda Shop Antiques (4/24/08)
Antique Soda Fountain found at the Bryant House in Weston, Vermont. Photo from As a young kid, I remember going to the Olde Soda Shop in Lewisport Kentucky with my Uncle Jim. He was my father’s youngest brother, yet only four years older than me. The town of Lewisport had a population of about 500 back then, and everyone, including the adults, seemed to congregate at this shop on the weekends. More >>

The Golliwogg Character: Historical Icon or Racist Symbol ? (4/1/08)
golliwoggCreated in the 1870s by Florence Upton in England, the Golliwogg was a caricature used in advertisements all over Europe. It seldom appeared in the United States, however. It was made into a doll by Steiff of Germany in 1902. If you have one of these dolls today it could be worth upwards of $10,000. More >>

A Boomer Collectible: The Lunch Box (3/27/08)
Collectible plaid lunch boxWalk into any public school cafeteria today and you’ll find salad bars with fresh greens and veggies and at least a half dozen choices for mid-day meals and snacks. Back when baby boomers were attending school, you were lucky to find one choice for a hot lunch, usually the same offering on the same day each week. More >>

I am in posession of a glass bottle market “National Casket Co”. I am unsure where this bottle came from, what it was used for, and if it is of any value. It has liquid measurements on it. Any answers would be greatly appreciated. Thank you More >>

Is it Bakelite? (3/25/08)
There are many types of collectible plastics. Distinguishing their traits and characteristics can be challenging. More >>

The Role of Egg Rolling at Easter in The United States (3/22/08)
Ukranian Pysanka EggThe Easter Egg Roll at The White House dates back to 1814 when President James Madison’s wife Dolly Madison started the tradition for the children. This tradition continued until 1877 when children were banned from the White House grounds when a new lawn was installed. The ban lasted only one year when President Rutherford B. More >>

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