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Auto & Drag Racing (1/28/08)
The earliest automobile racing occurred in Europe at the end of the 19th century. By 1910, the sport was popular … More >>

How Much Per Fume? (1/18/08)
The WorldA tasteful perfume bottle can be a work of art and has long been a popular collectible. Here’s a quick run through of the scent bottle lexicon to help you make sense of it all! • A Commercial bottle is a perfume bottle available at the perfume counter, as opposed to a handmade, one of a kind. • A Signed bottle is a commercial bottle signed by the designer. More >>

G.I. Joe (10/25/07)
Hasbro introduced G.I. Joe at the February 1964 American International Toy Fair in New York. Initially, this 12-inch poseable figure … More >>

Houston, We Have A Problem (8/6/07)
I’m a big advocate for due process, and it is important to remember that Tom Donaghy is innocent until proven guilty. But the major problem for the Association, the players, and the fans, is the nature of the allegations against him. More >>

Yat Ming Mistakes Make for a Perfect Collection (2/18/07)
Yatming Mistakes Make for a Perfect Collectionby Raed Ammari As a die cast collector, you tend to compare not just the models or the manufacturers, but you … More >>

Silver, Regional Paintings and Weathervanes Top 2007 Antique Predictions (1/6/07)
With 2007 barely underway, it’s time to make my annual predictions for the antique and collectibles market. The short version … More >>

Connor Video (10/14/00)   video?id=9284135 video?id=9284135     More >>

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