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Worthologists Host Free Appraisal Day at Original Miami Beach Antiques Show (Video) (2/27/12)
brandy glassWorthPopint Worthologists—experts in various fields of art, antiques and collectibles—conducted a free appraisal day on Saturday, Feb. 4, at the … More >>

Original Miami Beach Antiques Show Video Profile: PMC Binoculars (2/14/12)
Zeiss WWII German Battleship BinocularOne of the great benefits of attending an event like the 51th annual Original Miami Beach Antiques Show is wandering … More >>

Several Collections of American Brilliant Cut Glass Going on the Block (8/17/09)
This extremely rare American Brilliant Cut Glass square-shaped humidor in the Marlboro pattern by Dorflinger will be among the items in a multi-collection auction on Sept. 5.ST. CHARLES, Mo. – Several prominent lifetime collections of American Brilliant Cut Glass, including a huge collection of Dorflinger pieces, … More >>

Brimfield Vintage Canoes (5/11/09)
During the September antiques shows at Brimfield, WorthPoint Chief Worthologist Thom Pattie talked vintage canoes with dealer John Magoun—their history, what to look for and their future value. See WorthPoint’s feature section on Brimfield. Videographer: Scott Shactman More >>

Dressed Fleas and Flea Circus are Not Necessarily for the Dogs (5/11/09)
Lisa Townley’s great grandmother’s bride and groom “pulgas vestidas” or dressed fleas. One of the most unusual and interesting Ask A Worthologist questions that we have come across was posed by Lisa … More >>

Brimfield: A Cornucopia of Collectibles (5/11/09)
At Brimfield, WorthPoint’s Tom Carrier discovers you can get almost anything you want in the way of collectibles and antiques: from old newspapers to adjustable dress forms. Buyers show off their treasures. Videographer: Scott J.Shactman Editor: Sharon Levy WorthPoint – The Premier Web Site for Art, Antiques & Collectibles More >>

Happy Mother’s Day (4/29/09)
There’s nothing old-fashioned about wishing your mom a Happy Mother’s Day. But there is plenty of old-fashioned sentiment in this … More >>

Kentucky Derby Collectibles (4/25/09)
Everything collectible about the Kentucky Derby — Reporter Barry Bernson takes you on a tour of the Kentucky Derby Museum. WorthPoint … More >>

Kentucky Derby Collectible Glasses (4/25/09)
WorthPoint presents Kentucky Derby collectibles. Curator of Collections for the Kentucky Derby Museum, Katherine Veitschegger, talks about the history of … More >>

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