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Matchbook Collectibles (Buenos Aires) (8/26/08)
(In Spanish) If you collect matchbooks, this is the shop for you. It’s in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Here you can find matchboxes from every decade – from the ‘40s up until the 1970s. According to the store owner, the Europeans tend to look for what’s South American. He also carries European matchbooks for the South Americans. Producer Eve Hyman More >>

American Presidential Experience Opening Day (8/23/08)
American Presidential Experience opens to the public. Denver Mayor Hickenlooper; Elbra Wedgeworth, chair of the Denver 2008 Host Committee; and WorthPoint Worthologist Jim Warlickspeak speak at the opening ceremony. WorthPoint Worthologists will be at the event to evaluate political antiques and collectibles. More >>

The Road to Denver (8/22/08)
One of WorthPoint’s Worthologists, Jim Warlick, commissioned a replica of Air Force One for American Presidential Experience. The nonpartisan event, co-sponsored by WorthPoint, celebrates over 200 years of the American Presidency. It was held in Denver during the 2008 Democratic National Convention. More >>

A Bang Up Job: Gun Collectibles (8/16/08)
For most of his life, Chris Lucero has been collecting antiques and collectibles— everything from antique fishing lures, to Elvis … More >>

Antique Chinese Jade (8/16/08)
Lark Mason, owner of iGavel, shows some examples of various types of Chinese jade and explains the differences. He is interviewed by WorthPoint’s Joanna Mason. WorthPoint – the premier Web site for art, antiues and collectibles More >>

Baseball Collectibles & Great Fun: DHL All-Star FanFest (8/16/08)
Dan Borsey has the time of his life at the DHL All-Star FanFest in New York. Dan, aka Dan the Man in the WorthPoint Van, has two major passions in life – baseball and antiques & collectibles. Dan says the DHL FanFest is an event that you shouldn’t miss! More of Dan the Man in the WorthPoint Van’s DHL FanFest videos: More >>

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