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Tammy Saves $90,000 Painting from the Trash (11/19/08)
Tammy kept an old painting in her closet for more than ten years. She started to throw it away twice, but something told her to hold on to it until she could find out what it was worth. Then one morning last December she was watching the morning show on the Denver NBC affiliate, 9NEWS. More >>

Campaign Buttons: An Election Poll (11/17/08)
Campaign button sales as a predictor of election results? More >>

Christopher Kent’s Collection: Porcelain (11/9/08)
Worthologist Christopher Kent talks about some of the antique porcelain tea cups and pots in his collection. WorthPoint – Get the Most from your Antiques and Collectibles. More >>

Determining Value in Art and Paintings (11/7/08)
WorthPoint is pleased to partner with our sister company, GoAntiques, to inform and educate people about the diverse world of antiques and collectibles. In this video, Jim Kamnikar, President of WorthPoint and GoAntiques, talks with Dave Crockett of Artifacts Antiques about what sets a painting apart and what to look for to determine its value. More >>

Estate Advisor Service – An Interview with Jim Sturgill (11/3/08)
Why is it important to have your estate evaluated? What should you do with your collection to ensure its value? Jim Sturgill, CPA, of Sturgill and Associates answers these questions and explains how the Estate Advisor Service from WorthPoint can help you value your estate. WorthPoint – Get the Most from your Antiques and Collectibles. More >>

Presidents and Baseball Collectibles (10/29/08)
Reporter Barry Bernson visits the Louisville Slugger Museum and finds a collection of baseballs signed by U.S. Presidents. Who was the first president to sign a baseball? You’ll find out in Barry’s report. WorthPoint – Get the most from your antiques and collectibles. More >>

Jim Warlick’s Political Americana (10/28/08)
Jim Warlick is a Political Worthologist for WorthPoint. He knows political buttons. He is the President and CEO of the USA Button Poll, which has accurately predicted the presidential elections with the exception of 2000 since 1988. He also owns a political memorabilia store in the heart of Washington D.C., where you can find your candidates mug on everything from hats to cuff links and buttons. More >>

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