Earnest Seton Thompson May 1900 Century Magazine Advertising Poster Raccoons

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Century Magazine was known for leading art by leading artists. There advertising posters are very pricey. Typically they would use either Art Nouveau or Deco artists. This poster was a slight departure as it is a fantasy but realistic image. On the other hand it is done by a famous nature artist by the name Ernest Seton Thompson. For those of you that do not know him, he was a leader of the Woodland Indians movement in the US in 1900. He was a UK citizen, co-founder of the Boy Scouts of America and there is a Museum of his work at the Philmont Scout camp in New Mexico. I have not been able to find this poster ANYWHERE. It is difficult to find work by Thompson. This is a wonderful item as it also represents the National Zoo in DC. There is a penciled initial in the upper right corner above the "RY" in century, otherwise this looks perfect in regard to condition. For all I know it could be 1 of a kind. It is 11 7/8" x 19 1/4".