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Steiff Xorry Sleeping Fox 1540/20 1980s vintage
This sweet little red fox is all curled up against the winter cold! Purchased in Germany between 1985-1989
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Steiff Snobby Poodle 4156/26 1980s vintage
Poor little poodle with a name like "snobby!" She looks like an agreeable pooch to me. She's got two kinds of brown fur to mimic a chic cut and a red collar to finish her look. Purchased in Germany between 1985-1989
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Tulla Steiff Duck 3205/15 1980s vintage
A plucky little fellow with gorgeous shading on the face and wings. Purchased in Germany between 1985-1989
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Cosy Milla Steiff Cat 1980s vintage
Cosy Milla is a playful, yellow kitty, arms outstretched to bat a ball of red yarn. Purchased in Germany between 1985-1989
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Jolly Hase Steiff rabbit puppet 1980s vintage
This soft, grey rabbit puppet looks like the real thing when animated by a puppeteer! Purchased in Germany between 1985-1989.
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American Woman Cook Book 1952
Sears Kenmore Binding in Blue/green leather. Half Moon Thumb indexing on text block. Deckled Edge.Illustrated End papers.Dust Jacket is not original- Custom DJ by St.John. Book is Very Fine. Free gift wrap. I accept Paypal, Checks, Money Orders. Buy Direct at
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HAWK Golden Age Comic
Golden Age Western Comic. Hawk, The Fighting Marshall of The Wild West. Vol.1#4 Bright colors. Still supple. No roll to spine.Some pages has small rips in margins. Text cream to tan in margins. I accept Paypal, Checks, Money orders and you can also buy direct at Refunds do not include ship fees.
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Johnny and The Birds
Rand McNally Elf Book. First Edition. Rare out of print. Possible orphan copyright. Good to Very good condition. I accept Paypal, Check, Money orders. Or buy from Amazon direct.
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Best of The West Vol 1#11
GOLDEN AGE Comic. Bright color inside pages. Condition points Very Good. Paypal, Check or Money orders accepted. Archive sleeve included. Ships carefully packed-no rub or shift. No Sides touching.
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