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Byers Choice News Boy Retired 1992 New Unused In Original Box
I have a new in original box unused and never displayed Byers Choice News Boy Retired 1992. Excellent condition!
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Antique Seelbach Hotel Lamberton China by Dolfinger Co.
This is a beautiful serving piece. The tray measures 10 1/4" long x 5" wide. There is the Seelbach crest in the center of the tray with a fine dark green border all the way around the tray. It is made of very heavy glass, don't know what the actual material is. On the bottom of the tray says "Lamberton China made especially for THE SEELBACH by J.Dolfinger & Co." There are no chips, or cracks. When you run your fingers around the edge, you feel a ruffled edge molded into the tray.
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Scooby doo Fiestaware
Looking for scooby doo fiesta ware need cups and saucer's plates, glass's
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Mass effect lithograph
If anyone knows where i can buy a 24 x18 inch lithograph of the minuteman, illusive man, ilium, citadel, miranda, Saren & Garrus - i would be grateful. please contact me at with a link or if you have an offer. i am willing to pay quite a bit for any of these lithographs.
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VINTAGE 1961 TONKA GIANT DOZER - ALL ORANGE #118 (NICE ORIGINAL CONDITION) This is a nice original condition and rare 1961 Tonka Giant Dozer #118 in "all" orange. It shows very little play wear and has nice shiny paint with just some small chips and scratches here and there. The blade has nearly perfect paint on its face also confirming very little play use though someone did write their name "Roy" in the upper lefthand corner of the blade in permanent black marker at one time but it is now showing faintly and would probably come completely off with little effort. The blade and the tracks operate perfectly. The tracks are in nice condition along with all the graphics. The engine exhaust stack is broken and the side plastic air cleaner is missing but I'm told that both those parts are available reproduction for any one interested in replacing them. This is definitely a nice original condition piece to add to your collection. Buyer pays actual shipping cost plus a $10.00 handling charge. If you have any questions please feel free to email or call: (215) 412-2806 and ask for B.J. or Bob.
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VINTAGE PETER WRIGHT 102 POUND BLACKSMITH ANVIL WITH HARDIE HOLE TOOL This rare Peter Wright blacksmith anvil weighs 102 pounds and has the following dimensions: 14" long x 3.75" wide face, 3" x 1.5" table, 6.5" long horn, stands 9.75" tall, 21.75" long heel to horn, 8/5" x 9.25 base corner to corner, 3/4" Hardie hole, and a 1/2" Pritchel hole. Definitely a nice size anvil for just about any job. The face has some marks from use on the top and edges along with a little bellying in a few spots. There is a small cut mark extending from one side of the Hardie hole outward but it doesn't affect much. Included is one Hardie tool for cutting and splitting. The anvil and Hardie tool have been freshly sandblasted. Buyer pays actual shipping cost plus a $25.00 handling charge. It is also available for local pickup if you would rather not have it shipped. If you have any questions please feel free to email or call: (215) 412-2806 and ask for B.J. or Bob.
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VINTAGE 1920's DURKEE MARINE PRODUCTS LARGE NAUTICAL SHIP BOAT LAMP This is a very neat and rare large antique working ship light made by Durkee Marine Products Corporation in Staten Island, NY. It measures 17" high x 13" wide x 12" deep. It has been converted over to use regular household 110V power and uses a normal style screw in 150 watt bulb. It has a nice long power cord that appears to be new. The body of the light is made of steel and has the original screw off lid which appears to be made from bronze or brass with a copper handle. The thread insert that the lid screws into is made of the same material as the lid itself. It has a very nice thick magnifying glass lense which only has a few very small nicks that are hardly even noticeable. The light works great and is very bright! The picture showing it lite up was actually taken during the day. This is a must have item perfect for someone into boats, ships, marine, nautical, or someone that just really likes rare and neat antiques! Buyer pays actual shipping cost plus $15.00 handling charge. If you have any questions please feel free to email or call: (215) 412-2806 and ask for B.J. or Bob.
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RARE VINTAGE CAST IRON FLEXIBLE ARM DESK LAMP WITH DOG FIGURE AND TRAY - ART DECO STYLE This is a neat and rare vintage cast iron flexible arm desk or reading lamp with a dog figure and tray. The lamp also works very well. I am not sure of the manufacture or the exact year it was made but it is definitely very old. It has a very unique art deco style and side positioned glass frost white globe. The base and the flexible arm are both made of cast iron. The flexible arm uses multiple ball and socket joints for its movement. The flexible arm is a little loose in some positions but all in all works great. The power cord appears to have been replaced at some point with a clear two strand cord but it is also aged and still uses a vintage two prong plug. I'm not sure what the original intended use of the tray was, but I could see it holding small items on a desk or possibly even an ash tray. The dog figure appears to be a German Shepherd. The base measures approx. 10" long x 5" wide, stands approx. 16" tall in its normal position, and the flexible arm is approx. 12" long. The glass globe measures approx. 5" in diameter. The lamp weighs approx. 8 pounds. There is green felt both on the bottom of the lamp and inside the round tray. Buyer pays actual USPS shipping costs plus a $20.00 handling charge. If you have any questions please feel free to email or call: (215) 412-2806 and ask for B.J. or Bob.
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mexican eagle head sword from 1890
Up for bid is an original vintage Mexican army officer sword from the 1890's.This sword was passed down to me from my father who has recently died, This sword belonged to my great grandfather.I really don't wanna to sell it but my financial situation hit rock bottom,just lost my job and gonna lose my home.It is all original has some chips and broken pieces to the handle,other than that it is in good condition.please google the picture 1890 mexican eagle head sword.
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Gelston & Treadwell Sterling Silver
Gelston and Tread Sterling silver 4 prong fork with mongram EMH. 8 inches long.
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