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1944 Wooden Maggie and Jigs
1944 Wooden Maggie and Jigs figurines in perfect condition,
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Vintage Pre-WWII Ivory Earrings & Pin
Pre-Ban Ivory Earrings & Pin (Brooch). Tag states they were hand made in West Germany. Write me any questions you may have and thanks for looking!
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Antique Chicago World's Fair Colombian Exposition 1893 Change Holder
1893 Colombian Exposition Chicago Coin Holder. This is a souvenir from Chicago World's fair. Item has picture of Christopher Columbus 1492. antique Collectible from this time period.
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Dufza Signed Original (Burin Original): Paris - Place De La Concorde. Approx. 6" x 8".
Like the listing says... Available for auction on ebay from johnjrh123.
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T. Hee , Disney Animation Artist Director Christmas Card Art
When not working at the studio, T. hee designed Christmas Cards. Guitar Santa as we call him, art form is paper cutting art. This is an original, retro to 1956 Limited edition copies are available on velvet art paper and framed
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T.Hee Original Christmas Card Art retro to 1956
T.Hee Disney Animation Artist Director, when not working at the studio designed Christmas cards. This one is called " Putter There " and for the best golf Christmas card ever this is it. Art form, paper cutting art.
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T.Hee 1936 Caricature of Leon Schlesinger
Leon Schlesinger was the owner of Leon Schlesinger Productions. He produced the film Coo Coo Nut Grove in 1936. art form is Paper cutting art, a rare form today.
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T.Hee 1936 Caricature of Mae West and Greta Garbo
Original Caricature of Mae West and Greta Garbo, art form is paper cutting art , T. Hee designed the celebrity caricatures for the 1936 Movie Coo Coo Nut Grove for Leon Schlesinger. Bottom line is legible on the original. This is a photo prior to framing.
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Grandpa Doll- Yupik Name: "Narullgiq" (Sounds like: Naw-ew-lik)
This is a completely hand sewn traditional eskimo doll. The artist is Naternaq (Flounder)from Newtok, Alaska. The doll stands at 11" and 11 1/2" with the hood on. It comes with it's own stand. It will include a COA signed and dated by the artist which will be sent separate via certified mail. This is an original with it's prototype, both in sketch and body form remaining with our family collection. The parka's body is of Ermine enhanced with ermine tails, blue delica beads and red dmc thread. The parka's vertical seam is spotted seal skin and runs the length of the arms and down to the skirting. The cuffs are black leather and trimmed in otter. The skirting is leather with attached beaver trim. The parka's ruff is fabricated from otter, beaver, wolverine and wolf fur in the traditional Yupik starburst pattern. The pelt blending and geometric starburst design can be viewed on the ruff's reverse side. The pants are recycled blue jeans from our daughter's out-grown collection. The hair and mustache are rabbit attached to a leather head and face. The leather that forms the face has been streatched and weathered. The oblique eyes, brows, and mouth are dmc black colored thread. The boots are made from seal skin with leather trim straps, racoon fur crowns the boot tops and boot tassels of wolverine with double red dmc thread adornment. The top boot fabric is of a standard tartan type with blue sequins and yellow beads for decorations on the upper soles. The bottom of the soles are lined with a bright red dmc thread. The soles themselves are shaved spotted seal leather. Fabulous stitching throughout!
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This doll is made of seal skin leather (Traditional Style). Her kaspek, a traditional eskimo dress, is made from a printed pattern. Store bought fabric, fake hair, & wire. Eyes and mouth are sewn in with DMC Thread. Her beautiful bootie were created out of scraps of seal skin, leather, and wolf as trim. Doll is approx. 10” H x 3” W. This beautiful bootie were created out of scraps of seal skin, leather, and wolf as trim. Sequin bead is placed on the middle of the booties. (Colored Dot You see on top) I tend to use whatever fur is left over from parkas to create miniature Eskimo every day motif. This means that the trim may vary form wolf, beaver, otter, mink, etc… delica, and sequin beads are added for a colorful unique finish on the booties.
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