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Postcards of Mitsukoshi Department Store, Tokyo, ~1935
Pair of color postcards of the Mitsukoshi Department Store in Tokyo, Japan in about 1935. One card is of the "Central Hall" the other of the "Roof Garden."
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Postcards of Pre-WWII Japan
Set of seven black & white photo postcards of Japan in about 1936.
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Postcards of Hangchow, China: circa 1935
Set of 12 black & white photo postcards of Hangchow, China in approximately 1935.
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Postcards of Shanghai, China: 1934-1936
Three black & white photo postcards of Shanghai: (1) Park Hotel, dated "1936" by hand with inscription "Went to a Reception here for Vice Pres. Garner" on reverse (2)Custom House & H&S Bank Bldg (3) The Bund, dated "1934" by hand on reverse $20 each or $50 for the set
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100 ft. with embossed leather case, 7/22/24 date on crank, silver on black rule in tenths of inches and a foot designation wit each inch mark over one foot. Tape is in excellent except for a 9 inch repair, (old and beautifully done), starting at 38' 10". Crank works very smoothly. Case is in excellent unrestored condition.
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Embroidered Postcards - Spanish / Portuguese National Dress
Set of 6 "embroidered" postcards depicting national dress in Spain, Madeira, Portugal & Canary Islands. #1: Shepherdess with embroidered red dress with applied "mineral" sparkles. Signed "Elsi Gurmier(sp?)" Marked "Viana do Castelo - Minhota - Portugual - 4" Reverse of card marked "Edicoes Neconsar - Impresso em Espana" #2: Flamenco dancer with embroidered green and rose dress. Signed "F. Gisbert Soler" Reverse of card marked "Comercial Prat - Ripoll Espana" #3: Woman in Segovia with embroidered dress in rose with gold apron. Signed "J Briones (sp?)" Reverse of card marked "Soberanas Barcelona" and "Made in Espain" #4: Woman with basket in embroidered turquoise dress with applied "mineral" sparkles. Signed "Elsi Gurmier" and marked "Lisboa Varina - Portugual 2" Reverse of card marked "Edicoes Neconsar" and "Impresso em Espana" #5: Man and woman with embroidered woman's silver dress. Signed "Iraola" and marked "Canarias No 79" #6: Woman in embroidered striped skirt and red hat. Signed "Elsi Gurmier" and marked "Madeira 9" Reverse of card marked "Edicoes Neconsar - Lisboa - Portugal" Cards for sale at $40 each, all 6 for $200
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Victorian Christmas Postcards
Eleven Victorian Christmas Postcards (5 designs) in series 1889, 1895, 1896, printed in Germany by International Art Publ. Co.; designed by Ellen H. Clapsaddle, embossed; showing children with various objects and containing a poetic Christmas greeting verse. #1 (3 cards, 1885 series): Baby in cradle, boy with stocking and toys. Verse: "May all within your home be gay, Joy be your guest and with you stay." and "You see, there is a Santa Claus." #2 (3 cards, 1889 series): Three children on log with fireplace implements. Verse: "May all your days be happy days, But added blessings fall Upon to-day, that it may be, The brightest of them all." #3 (1 card, 1895 series): Baby and older Boy with basket of holly. Verse: Your Christmas Day kind hearts unite To make it happy, blest and bright." and "Now don't you wish you'd been good?" #4 (3 cards, 1896 series): Boy and girl with hymn books, stool and red chair. Verse: "May Joy march with you on your way, And Fortune be your friend, What better wish on Christmas Day To greet you could I send?" #5 (1 card, 1889 series): Three girls in aprons and bonnets, stirring a large bowl of Christmas pudding. Verse: "Naught to annoy, much to enjoy, My Christmas Wish for thee." For sale individually at $30; $300 for the set of eleven cards.
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WWII Japanese 50mm Type 89 Knee Mortar Round Inert
Japanese 50mm Mortar Round for the Japanese Model 89 Grenade Launcher nicknamed "Knee Mortar". This item is inert and contains no hazardous substances. Has red band around top,yellow band around the middle of the round and a brass fuze with original safety pin and string. Contains several Japanese characters. Excellant Condition. If you have any questions, please contact me.
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18th Century French Clock with Candelabras
Rarely does one see an entire set of French clock with matching candelabras come down thru the centuries, totally intact and working. As a timepiece, it is perfect in time and beautiful in its chime. This is one of those rare items. This French clock with matching Candelabras has never been offered for sale. You are welcome to email for further photos or make an appt. for inspection.
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Silver and Copper Crab with Abalone Inlay
This large Crab was fashioned in the Mexican State of Taxco. It is a one of a kind,hand made out of Silver and lined with copper. The crab legs are fashioned from brass and the claws have mother of pearl inlay. There is little to say about this beautiful piece. You may use it as a decoration or as a serving piece for paella for a crowd of 8. This is very big since it weigh 15 pounds and measures 25X13.
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