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Antique Stoneware Soup Toureen
Lid,toureen and platter base of antique Soup Toureen. Probably Staffordshire eathenware dating from about 1880. Diamond mark is a British registry design symbol.
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Auto Fyr Stop --------- Fire Extinguisher and Alarm
I have a great old Auto Fyr Stop Extinguisher model C-36. Item is in near mint condition; all parts including metal wall cradle are present. Affixed labels are tight and clean. Unbroken globe. A must for your glass, tool or fire-fighting equipt. enthusiasts.
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Original WWI Doughboy US Army Helmet with Liner. The helmet still has all its rivits and the liner is attached, but is missing the fabric liner and most of the leather binding around the metal liner. The chin strap is still intact. The shell has not been repainted and is in it's origional condition, but has been used. Shipping includes insurance.
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The M1 helmet is a combat helmet and was used by the American Military from WWII until it was succeeded by the PASGT helmet beginning in 1983. For over 40 years, the M1 was standard issue for US military and naval forces. The M1 helmet is extremely popular with militaria collectors and helmets from WWII period are generally more valuable than later models. WWII and Vietnam era helmets are becoming harder to find. The helmet has the netting, shell and liner. The liner has some pitting around the side, but other wise is in very good condition. Shipping includes shipping.
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Burdick Collection "Legends of Baseball 1909-1953"
Framed painting of Legends of Baseball 1909-1953"
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Christian Liaigre for Holly Hunt sofa and pair of lounge chairs
Christian Liaigre for Holly Hunt suede sofa and pair of lounge chairs in excellent condition. Upholstered in a pale, almost neutral green suede. Labled Christian Liaigre for Holly Hunt.
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Original drawing by Fernando Botero
Original 1986 framed pencil on paper drawing by Fernando Botero, signed at lower right by the artist.
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RARE PRUSSIAN GERMAN INFANTRY SHORT SWORD 19TH CENTURY Rare Prussian German infantry short sword from the 19th century. It is in excellent condition for it's age. The P.D.L. on the short sword (sabor) stands for P.D. Luneschioss, Solingen (Germany). There is also a crown on the back of the blade with three initials on it, possibly, EBR. The case is leather with brass trim. The serial numbers do not match from the sheath to the knife, but that happened alot and does not really matter. The blade itself, is in really good condition as it has not been over-sharpened. It has been used. Shipping does include insurance.
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The flag of the Soviet Union consisted of a plain red flag with a hammer crossed with a sickle (the hammer and sickle) and a red star in the upper canton. The hammer and sickle symbolyzed the nation's workers and peasants while the red star represented the rule of the Communist Party. The pattern was adopted on 12 November 1923. In 1955, a statute on the flag was adopted which resulted in a change of the hammer's handle length and the shape of the sickle. A final modification to the flag was adopted in 1980 in which the color was brightened to light red. Thje flag continued to be a national flag until the collapse of the Soviet Union. This flag measures 42" x 92". It has a few pin holes in it and as depicted in the last picture on this add, a small tear at the bottom. In picture three, I tried to show the writting on the edge of the flag. O(with a vertical line through it) nar CCCP. On the other side there is a double m and a two toned life preservior. Also, roct 8488-81. Then 1985. If this is the year, the color should have been the light red and the sickle and hammer different, unless this is supposed to be a reproduction of the pre 1955 flag. The flag is double sided and the and the star and hammer and sickle printed on both sides. The flag is re-enforced at the top on both sides. This price of $399.00 includes shipping and insurance.
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Called the "Nazi Party Flag". In 1935 it also became the German State Flag. This size flag was hung from public windows on official events such as hitler's birthday. This particular flag is double sided and the white circle is sewn on while the black swastika is printed on to the white fabric. There are no maker marks. There are a few pin holes in the fabric and on one of the white circles there appears to be some "sewing marker marks" for when the circles were cut out as in a pattern. The flag measures 33" x 77" in a banner style. The price on this flage includes shipping and insurance.
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