• Price: $179.99
  • Item Category: Natural History
  • Type: Item for Sale
  • Date Posted: May 16, 2013
I'm offering a flown piece of SkyLab in a Lucite Pyramid for $179.99 plus fees, observing 40 Years since Launch. -- Per collectSPACE and photos, the subject item looks like the GOLD VERSION (not Silver Version) since the SkyLab emblem on the bottom of the pyramid is in FULL COLOR. -- This is a piece of America's First Space Station that has returned from Space. -- Relating to the photos: A. Lucite Pyramid is 3 1/2" X 4" high. B. Embedded in the Lucite pyramid is an authentic piece of SKYLAB's oxygen supply tank. C. This historical collectable is shipped in Original Presentation Box, plus white gloves are included for handling the Lucite-encased Fragment. D. Box also contains a mini brochure that has a copy of the "Letter of Authenticity", a photo of Charles Conrad, Jr., and a historical accounting of SkyLab. -- Per the photos, I rate the condition as "good." -- I only have one of these items. -- I will leave feedback once payment for the collectable has been received. -- Bank-Check is preferred, yet payment by PayPal may be available for an added fee. -- The UPS Shipping Cost Estimate of $16.83 is from RI to CA. >>> $179.99 plus Fees (Shipping, Insurance, and PayPal)