WorthPoint to Launch Redesigned Site

We have put our heart and souls into the upcoming launch of the redesigned worthpoint.com, and we hope that our readers and members will find it as exciting as we do.

Today, as I write this, we are a little more than a year old. We are ranked in the top 6,000 sites on the Internet, our page views have jumped to 1.5 million a month, and we are growing at a 5-percent compounded rate.

You have been good to us, checking us out and coming back again and again. We take that as a sign that you like what you see. I promise you that when we launch the new WorthPoint, it is going to get even better. On the redesigned WorthPoint site, we have created the tools for networking, learning, pricing, buying, selling and making a profit. The new site will make all of our collecting experiences easier and more productive. During the next week, we will showcase many of the features and benefits of the new site, and our new membership levels, but here’s a sneak preview of some of the highlights.

What You Can Do on WorthPoint’s Redesigned Site

• Use your profile page to connect with others who share your collecting interests

• Find people who own items you want to buy or who want to buy what you need to sell

• Find and bookmark events and shows on WorthPoint’s extensive, searchable calendar

• Post events and shows on your calendar that others can follow

• Locate business professionals by city and state, for example, estate planners or insurance agents specializing in antiques and collectibles

• Learn about the items you own or want to buy or sell with more than 100 videos and thousands of articles by experts

• Ask our expert Worthologists for evaluations or seek information from the global community of collectors

• Use our extensive database of millions (100 million by the end of 2009) of historical items to price items you want to sell or determine the price you want to pay

• Sell your items: on the classifieds, in our GoAntiques marketplace (dealers only), at one of our auction house partners, through a dealer at an antique show or other venues you find on the site

Room for Everyone

We have room for everyone connected to the collecting world: collectors, buyers, sellers, dealers, Worthologists, galleries, associations, clubs, auction houses, auctioneers, writers, content producers, media professionals, educators, estate planners, insurers, museums, book publishers, repairers, restorers, show promoters, suppliers and wholesalers—you are all valuable members of the collecting community.

I have seen many professionals and respected experts in the collecting world struggle for years to grow their Web traffic, yet they still don’t rate in the top 100,000 sites. Please know that if you are laboring in obscurity, posting useful information on the Internet that no one is seeing, you can put your profile on our site. With a professional membership, you can link to your own site and use our page views to help you build traffic, whether you are an expert collector, a museum or provide professional services to the collecting community.

Last week, our organic traffic grew by a very hefty 16 percent. We expect to continue to grow at a rapid rate because what we offer is valuable to all segments of the collecting industry. Together, by sharing our knowledge, providing information buyers and sellers can trust, creating a fair marketplace for buyers and sellers, we will level the playing field, and that will bring new people into the collecting world.

When we launch next week, I hope you will take a look and let me know what you think of the features on the new site, what works best for you and what changes you’d like to see. We will be adding new features and tools throughout the year, and as always, we intend to listen closely to what our users and members want and need.

Thank you for your trust and support during our inaugural year. In return, we plan to provide you with the best possible experiences on the Internet in the collecting world.

Will Seippel
CEO & founder of WorthPoint

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  1. Sue Trudel says:

    Love this site !!!!!

  2. Marci says:

    Looking forward to learning more when you launch next week. Thanks! Marci

  3. lynne hayward says:

    I have various pieces I wish to sell (ceramics) I live in france but have family connections in the states, will I be able to contact places to auction my pottery?

  4. Do you have interest on the collectibles get destroyed unnoticed in Sri Lankas? Is there anything we can do to take them into the stage?

  5. o.c.d.collectibles says:

    I hope GoAntiques gets a big auction site going as soon as possible! This site is awesome though, I’ve met some really great sellers here!

  6. walt kolenda says:

    Worthpoint has come so far is such a short time. I can’t wait to see what’s next!